I find that when I'm going to bed at night, there are a lot of things that go through my head. I recently decided to jot these things down as I find that when I write certain things down, I can tackle them.

People Are So Engulfed With Talking That No One Listens
I've come to the conclusion that some people just love the sound of their own voice. So eager to get their two cents in that they don't listen to other people. Therefore making a completely pointless conversation/battle.

I Don't Want To Go To University

I'm really torn on this, however I don't think I want to be in education for an additional three years.

I Think Whether I Get 3 Hours Or 8 Hours Sleep, I'll Be Just As Tired And It Will Never Be Enough
I'm always exhausted and if I go to bed at 10:30PM or 2:30AM I'm just bloody tired.

I Really Need To Lose Weight
I'm just not happy with my body or the way I look.

Interviews And Tests Make Me Anxious
I've had five university interviews that I had to go to and they all contained two hour tests. I hate being judged like I'm on the X-Factor and I feel like it's really hard to be enthusiastic about something you're not sure you want. In all honesty, the thought of doing these tests made me not want to continue with the UCAS process at all.

People Use The Word N**** Too Much (Was Watching Straight Outta Compton)
I really hate the use of this word. Purely because of the derogatory context it was used in the past. I think it's a really unnecessary word that really doesn't need to be used. Rappers included.

I Really Don't Know What I Want To Do
Over the past few months, I've felt really lost. Toying between going to university and not going. A part of me just wants someone to tell me what to do.

I Really Want A Car
I passed my test in January of this year and there have been so many times where I've felt like I really needed a car. I'm fed up of walking and taking public transport everywhere and leaving an hour before I need to be somewhere as opposed to 20 minutes if I had a car!

I Really Want To Go Travelling And Escape The Everyday Mundane
There are so many amazing places in the world and I refuse to believe that we're meant to be situated in one place.

I Need A New Job
I'm fed up of dreading going to work. I've been working at the same place for over a year and a half now and I think it's starting to take it's toll. I really want a job where I can continue to improve my writing and still be really creative. 

I'm Going To Start Keeping Things To Myself
Everyone in this world is so secretive and everything's a competition. Literally a dog eat dog world. I'm just going to start keeping myself to myself and just do what I need to do to achieve what I want in life.

Have you had any late night thoughts lately?


  1. This was such a unique post, it's inspired me to write down what thoughts run through my head when I'm trying to go sleep. If you dread your job definitely find another (easier said than done, I know), it's just not worth that feeling! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    1. Thank you, I'm glad it inspired you! x