Last year I initially wanted an Olivia Burton watch of a similar design, however last year it was sold out everywhere and it has since then, been discontinued, so I never got my hands on it. For Christmas I received a watch that I have been lusting after ever since...the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch. Daniel Wellington is a brand that has been loved and hyped up by bloggers for such a long time, so as you can imagine, I was really happy to get my mitts on this piece!

The Watch...
The watch itself comes in a sleek cream and brown leather box with a little cushion for the watch. The Classic Sheffield has a nice big face and the hours are extremely simple with a silver line per hour. I went for the watch with silver hardware as I much prefer silver as opposed to gold. The black leather strap is a really nice width too.

There are a many other Daniel Wellington watches that are equally as stunning for both men and women, so if this one doesn't float your boat, here are some other ones that may take your fancy!

How do you feel about Daniel Wellington watches?


  1. This really is a pretty watch, I don't really seem to own one so maybe now is a good time to change that! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    1. You should definitely get one! x