Earlier this year, I took my practical driving test and luckily passed first time round! I thought I'd share some tips on how to pass for anyone who is also trying to get their driving licence! I'm no expert at driving tests, nor do I wish to be because they just ranked up my anxiety, but fingers crossed this can help someone!

Now, I embarrassingly passed my theory test on my second try. I was probably more excited about passing my theory test than the practical! I found the best way to pass this test is to use the DVLA  Theory App. For my first go, I bought the huge book. But I didn't even open it as it was too long and wasn't very concise. The app is perfect as you can easily study and then work your way through all 800 or so  potential questions. Not to mention that it's easy to do on the go as it's just on your phone or tablet!

I happened to be one of the lucky people to pass their test on their first go. It's really hard to guide on passing your practical test as you're being tested on your practical ability. My first piece of advice is to practice and get as many hours in as you can afford or that your schedule allows. I took a sh*t load of lessons (43 hours in total) mainly due to the fact that I delayed retaking my theory test for so long. Get out on the road as much as you can as that's the best way you can prepare for your test! I know lessons can be expensive and you may not like your teacher, but I was quite fortunate that I paid for lessons in bulks of 10 and my driving instructor and I had banter. When it was coming up to my test, I googled the mistakes that people usually make on their test to ensure that I didn't make the same. Finally, ask to do mock tests with your instructor to find out how ready you are.

Have you passed your driving test? What are your tips?


  1. Well done for passing first time! I'm still currently doing my lessons - I passed my theory last month and I'm building up for my practical hopefully next month! I'm soooo nervous, but at least now I know I'm not the only one that's had 30+ lessons!

    Lovely read!
    Amanda x

    1. Thank you! Good luck on your practical! x