I never really do lifestyle favourite posts as they don't really come natural to me, unlike my beauty favourite posts. I'm really trying to diversify my blog by incorporating more fashion and lifestyle posts so here goes. I somewhat get stuck in a rut with what I wear and use, but I've compiled six of my current favourite lifestyle discoveries.

ZARA D'ORSAY HEELSI am such a fiend when it comes to shoes. Over the years, I've purchased so many shoes (predominantly black) but I honestly don't think I've ever loved a pair of shoes more than I do with these. I've been loving these for nights out as they're so sophisticated but still work well with jeans for a more casual look. I'm not going to lie, when I first nabbed these, I wanted to pick up a few more pairs just in case!

SPOTIFYI initially started using Spotify about a year ago, but I honestly couldn't get to grips with it so I stuck to Soundcloud. As with a lot of things, I gave it another go and it's now one of my favourite apps on my phone. In particular, my favourite playlist at the moment is the R + B Jams playlist which gets updated regularly with the most current R + B songs with artists such as Bryson Tiller, Drake, Jeremih etc. so it's an amazing playlist.

SAINT LAURENT CARD HOLDERIf you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll most likely know that I'm really into small leather goods. If there are purses, key pouches and passport holders, I'm there! This is one of my favourite pieces as it's so compact and minimalistic yet still holds my necessities, such as cash, cards and licence. It's also really convenient for when I'm just popping to the shops as I don't need to carry a heavy purse around.

BBC NEWS APP I've not always been into the news but since I study politics and want to get into journalism, I kind of have to. Having this app makes it really easy to keep up to date with what's going on as I can check on it whilst on commute and I get notifications of any updates appear as a banner on my iPhone.

ROOM REARRANGEMENT - I switched up my room a while back, but I always like to wait a bit when I change my room around as I like to make sure I genuinely like the way it looks. I love how my room has more space when you walk into it as well as space for trying on outfits and now there's more of a dressing area where I can get ready and do my makeup, in one area of my room (makes my room sound huge, but it's not).

PRIMARK AVIATOR SUNGLASSESI absolutely fell in love with these sunglasses as soon as I saw these. I've never really been able to wear aviator sunglasses as my face is quite round so I don't think it suits me, however these are nice and oversized and is relatively in proportion to my face. These were so inexpensive at £2 that I may have to pick up a couple more pairs, particularly for my all girls holiday to Malia in a few months.

What are some of your latest discoveries? A cafe, an outfit? An app?


  1. I was the exact same with Spotify at first, but now it's super easy and one of my favourite apps! x

    Jodie // jodieloue.com