There are so many products on the market at both the drugstore and high end. An extensive product range can be great in providing people with a choice and being able find the product that works the best for you, however sometimes a lot of products can be saturated and daunting for people being overwhelmed with so much to choose from. I have selected a few products that are well loved and raved about in the beauty industry and here's my verdict about seven cult beauty products.

I'm probably a little biased when it comes to this product as I've been using it so much over the past year or so, it's one of the few bases that I continuously go back to! I have found this to be a really versatile product as I not only use this as my light, everyday base as it gives me a really natural, but more perfected base. I also use this for nights out as it allows me to layer products without it being cakey.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite beauty brands in general, but the Dolce Vita quad is by far one of my favourite products when it comes to eyeshadow. This quad has nice reddy brown eyeshadows and is a good way to incorporate more colour into an eyeshadow look as it still remains relatively neutral. All of the eyeshadows are greatly pigmented and blend so effortlessly. Along with the eyeshadow 

3. Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster // Review Coming Soon // £58.00
This is one of the few skincare products that I have continued to repurchase since initially receiving it well over a year and a half ago. I love how this serum really hydrates my skin and makes my skin feel nice and supple. This is one of those products where I see a little difference whilst using it, but when I stop, it's a whole other story as I can really see the difference.

I really like to use this blusher when I don't want an actual blusher or highlighter, yet still want a little something on the cheeks. This is a nice hybrid of the two, giving a little flush to the cheeks as well as a subtle glow without being too overpowering or 'out there'. The shade 'diffused heat' looks like a bright shade, but when being applied to the cheeks, it's actually not too pigmented which I like as it allows me to build the pigmentation.

I am well and truly on the highlighting/strobing bandwagon and it is in full force! This is one of my favourite highlighter as it gives the most beautiful strong highlight. I have the betty-lou which is the more bronzy of the three and it's great for those with either a darker or olive skin tone. Betty lou looks gorgeous on the top of the cheeks, nose, cupids bow and brow bone for a beautiful overall glow!

I really enjoy using the hot cloth cleanser when I want to quickly take off my makeup. I like just being able to just apply this to my face and massage it in whilst removing my makeup, then using a damp muslin cloth to wipe it away. It's oddly gentle and calming on the skin and doesn't make taking off my makeup seem like a chore.

This is my absolute favourite concealer to this day! It has a such good coverage and is so pigmented too, which means that I can conceal my under eye circles as well as any blemishes with a small amount of product. Something that amazed me about this product is that despite the pigmentation and slightly thicker consistency, it is still extremely easy to blend it, whether it be with fingers, a brush or sponge. 

What are your cult beauty products?

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