When it comes to skincare, there are a fair few products that I know if worse came to worse, I could rely on these to sort me out. As much as I love trying different skincare products, sometimes it's nice to stick to what you know. 

I often get really dry dehydrated skin every now and again. This serum really helps to restore any lost moisture from particular whether exposure, too much exfoliation or just my dehydrated skin in general. I love popping this on my skin prior to a really hydrating moisturiser as it really amps up the hydration in my skin, as well as giving it a healthy and plump look to the skin. 

This is one of my absolute favourite toners. It's so refreshing and soothing on the faces I particularly like it when I have sensitive skin as i don't need to apply it directly to my face with a cotton pad. Being a versatile product makes it even better as it can also be applied over makeup as a little pick me up!

If you're one of those people who needs help looking awake or just likes something refreshing on the face in the morning this is perfect! It's very light on the skin but nicely lathes up on the face. I personally just love it as it not only cleanses the skin, but it's refreshing scent really helps to wake me up on a dreary morning. 

Whenever it's winter or if my lips are chapped I always gravitate towards this lip balm. It has a really thick, clear consistency and is great for hydrating my lips. I like to use this as a night time treatment because of its glossy texture and overnight it just helps hydrate and rectify my chapped lips. I kid you not a few days using this religiously and my chapped lips aren't chapped anymore. 

I don't always need an extremely abrasive face mask, however there is one that I know I can always go to regardless of the state of my skin. It's one of those masks that remain in its cream form and it isn't harsh on the skin.  It doesn't make a huge amount of difference, but i do enjoy the little that it does do for my skin. It's definitely not the product that's going to completely strip back your skin, it just gently cleanses the impurities. 

What are your safe bet skincare picks?


  1. Serozinc is a product I always have it stock, it soothes and refreshes my skin so well!

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

    1. I know, it's most definitely a staple product! x