One thing that more people than you would realise don't do is clean their makeup brushes. The thought itself makes my skin itch. Many people don't realise that you even need to clean your makeup brushes for many reasons other than the fact that you don't want the remnants of black eyeshadow when you want to use a nude eyeshadow. I hate having dirty brushes and I love having clean brushes set up for the week ahead. Here are three ways in which I wash my makeup brushes and get them looking new and feeling soft on my face!

1. Baby Shampoo - For the most part, I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo to clean my brushes because it's more gentle than using a normal shampoo. This removes all the bacteria from the makeup brushes as well as the build up of makeup.

2. Brush Cleanser - I like to use this to spot clean my brushes in between when I properly clean them. I use the MAC Brush Cleanser and I find that it really cleans my brushes and gets the fibres back to their initial colour!

3. Shampoo and Olive Oil - This is the same as using the shampoo, however with the use of Olive Oil, it cleans the brushes quicker as the oil oil acts as an emulsifier (that's all the science I know) and helps to break down the makeup!

How do you wash your brushes?


  1. Baby Shampoo is my savior!

    Parie x

  2. I also use the Johnson's Shampoo to clean my brushes...but I actually found out that normal baby shampoo is just as good and a lot less expensive ;)

    xoRosie //Rosie's Life

    1. Yeah, I've found that it's the best way for a thorough clean x