When it comes to MAC, I own more lipsticks and eyeshadows than anything else. I've yet to try the studio fix concealer, but I've tried some other base products. This is one of my current favourite combinations as I get such a nice, natural everyday look with these two products that also work well for more intense looks for occasions and nights out.

This is a really versatile foundation and I personally use it two different ways. The first way is just normally as a foundation. It's great for those days when you want a light base and not too much coverage or if you want to add contour and highlight over it so that your overall base isn't heavy or cakey. The second way I use it is as a mixing product to use with other foundations that may be the wrong shade for me at the moment  or too heavy in consistency as it somewhat changes the texture. I love how dewy and natural it looks on the skin too, perfect for 'no makeup makeup'.

I've been using this powder consistently for about a year now and I cannot get enough of it. Being a baked product makes this really light on the skin and doesn't add much more coverage or cake up the face but it properly sets my makeup in place throughout the day. As with most things in MAC, there is such a broad colour range of powders and just looks great on the face.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite MAC products?


  1. I think I must be using it wrong because I strongly dislike the Face and Body foundation but everyone I speak to loves it. Great post xxx

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