I have changed my makeup set up more times than I can remember. I have finally created my ultimate makeup set up and I thought I'd share some tips so that you too can achieve the perfect makeup set up for you! If you would like to see my past two set ups you can, here and here!

Work Out Your Space
You need to work out how much space you have in the area you want your makeup to reside. I chose to keep my dressing table in front of my window as it means I can get natural light when applying my makeup. Everyone's situation is different, some people (like myself) can't designate a room to get ready in and other's may only have a small corner in their room or some shelf space. If you have a small corner, you may want to think about a small corner table and if you have limited shelf space you'll want to think about some cool storage (Muji is your best bet).

Have A Clean Out
One of the best things about creating your ultimate makeup set up is that you can choose how you want everything to look and be set out. The last thing you want is to have that blusher you got when you were 15. You don't need to keep products that are either unhygienic to use or that you just don't like using because you want it to look like you have loads of makeup. Keep the products that you genuinely use to create a healthy and concise makeup set up.

Once you've worked out your space and you know the amount of beauty products you have, you'll be able to decide what type of storage will suit your set up. I've found some pretty good finds in Muji and HobbyCraft. When deciding on the storage aspect of your set up, you'll want to consider whether you want to all room for the expansion of your collection or if you're going to do a one in one out system.

The last and probably, most enjoyable part of this whole process is to organise all of your things. This is something very personal and everyone has their way of organising stuff. I personally like my products organised in the order of application.

Have you figured out your makeup set up?

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