It's no secret that I'm am a huge fan of Instagram.This may sound odd, but I do take pride in my Instagram. It's an extension of my blog and most people find my blog because of my social media and in particular, my Instagram feed. Irrespective of my love and constant use of Instagram, I'm still by no means an expert at social media, marketing or photography, I just hate seeing photos that aren't aligned or that are out of focus. However here's how you can better your Instagram photos.

  • Get the lighting right - Take photos away from the light as opposed to into the light.
  • Composition - Get the right angle (the rule of thirds is a popular one).
  • Arrange your props - Distinguish the difference between clutter and items that will enhance your photos.
  • Don't use the Instagram app to take the actual photos.
  • Take more than one and choose your favourite!
  • Edit - If you need to, you can edit your photo. I tend to edit the clarity, brightness, alignment and occasionally, I'll add a theme.
How do you take your Instagram photos?

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