This may come as a little surprise to you, but I absolutely love going through all of my products and picking out products that I either haven’t used in a while or at all. It’s really satisfying when you rediscover a product or finish the little bit that was left of that toner. I am an organisational freak, so organising all of my beauty bumf is no chore for me. In sorting through all my products, I’ve come to realise some things along the way, so here are some of my tips to actually use what you have. This not only applies to makeup or products, but everything in general, whether it’s your wardrobe, underwear draw or your watch collection.

This is the first and probably, the most important and effective step. Get rid of anything that you either don't want or don't use anymore. When it comes to makeup, if it's out of date or the wrong shade or running out, chuck it! Have three piles, a keep, charity/friends and bin. This way, everything is properly organised and then you know exactly what you have to deal with. Also, if you have a few products floating around that are on their last legs (almost finished) then use them up to make space for some new items. If a product isn’t exciting you, then switch up the way you use it! I kid you not, going through your stash is the most vital bit! To keep on top of things, have regular clear outs so that it’s not a mammoth task. (As my law teacher says, little and often). Sort through your stash a little by little, but often.

Work around the space that you have and if you haven't already got one, get a storage system that works well for your space. I limit myself to my IKEA Malm Dressing Table, and I get more storage by using my Muji Acrylic Drawers. You don't want your set up to be too overwhelming and big because the whole point is that you'll end up being able to use everything you have.

By rotating your makeup, you’ll get to use different products a lot more and hopefully find some new products that you really like. There’s no point them just sitting there, gathering dust. But long story short, it just means that you will actually use the products you have. There is no point saving that lipstick for that wedding you’re going to in a few weeks. Just whack it on and wear it because today is special enough.

How do you shop your stash?


  1. Love posts like these! I've been adamant about clearing out my makeup and skincare bits. I made a deal with myself not to purchase certain items until I was down to my last bits of product of all the items I currently have on rotation. It's quite satisfying to see shelves and drawers empty out and see extra space, especially than have everything overflowing.

    I had that mentality of using up lipsticks because if not now, then when? Lipsticks have so many wears in them that I won't have to worry about running through any of them anytime soon. I feel like my main thing is fighting against the expiration date and using a product before I need to throw it out!

    I keep a set of Muji drawers out which I rotate products in and out of. That way it's right in front of me rather than staring at my entire collection (cause we all know that is way too overwhelming early in the morning) haha.

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

    1. Thank you for your reply, I'm glad you liked the post! I love seeing space and then filling them up again and trying new things. One-in-one-out systems seem to work pretty well too to prevent overflowing. I really need to start using lipsticks more too. It's ridiculous to just keep them looking pretty, when they're intended to make us look/feel pretty. I keep my everyday make up separate too as it just saves time in the mornings!