Unfortunately, the exam season has officially started. This part of the year is bitter sweet for me as I look forward to the warmer weather, but then it also means that the dreaded exams begin. I have still been trying my fair share of products lately and I've actually discovered a couple of new products and a few old ones too!

It's no secret that I really like a more perfected base. I've been trying out the  L'Oreal Infallible Foundation over the past few weeks and unbeknownst to me, I actually really like it! I thought it would be really heavy on my face, but it's not. I have found this really easy to blend and has great lasting power as well s looking really nice on the face.

In the mornings I don't really have time to do an elaborate eyeshadow look but I have enjoyed the look of the Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in Caramel Rage which is a lovely bronzey taupe eyeshadow. Being a pencil form makes this easy to apply and I just tend to blend it out with my fingers. This is perfect for a basic natural makeup look with lashings of mascara. Along with the Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil, the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather cream eyeshadow is an easy product to quickly apply in the mornings. Whenever I haven't been wearing the max factor shadow, I've been wearing this one. This is a bronzey dark chocolate shade and this must be one of the few products that doesn't crease on me.

For some reason, I seem to have deviated from my beloved Jo Malone and gone back to an old favourite, in the form of the Chloe Original Fragrance*. I really like how it's such a light fragrance that isn't too in your face or overpowering but it lingers nicely throughout the day. I'm not into sweet fragrances, so this being a floral scent is perfect for me and it's not too mature.

The Monu Spa Reviving Mist* has been my go to when I need a little pick me up or if I'm a little hot and flustered. I like how it's not a thick mist that soaks my face, but it's nice and light so is pretty good for using throughout the day!

What have you enjoyed using lately?

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