When it comes to blogging, along with the title, the photography is what attracts most peoples attention. When I first got my DSLR camera, I didn't know how to properly use my camera. I was just endlessly  fiddling with the settings, not properly knowing what I was doing until I went on a photography course with Paul Hames during which I learnt how to get the best out of my camera! I know that everyone has different preferences as to how they want their photos to look, but I thought I'd share my camera set up with you all, for anyone who doesn't know how to use their camera. 

I changed my camera from 'manual' to 'creative auto' which is how I get the subject of my photos to be crisp and clear and in focus with a blurry background. I make sure the flash was off as I hate flashback, particularly on mirrored objects. I make sure that the ratio of blurred to sharp, was more on the blurred side.  I keep my camera on single shooting so that I don't end up taking ten photos at a time.

I have my image settings on the highest quality which has the symbol that has a smooth arch with an 'L' next to it. I have my camera on autofocus which most photographers would probably squirm at, but I like knowing that all of my photos will be in focus. I don't use any creative filters because any additional editing I want to do, I do afterwards.

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  1. I think that I never used this menu on my camera but i'll give a try. As you I hate use flash in special with mirrored or "glass" products. Thanks for the tips.


    1. You're welcome, I hope it helped x