There have been one too many times when I've been invited on a night out but have absolutely nothing to wear! I don't like wearing jeans and converses, as that is what I usually wear for a really casual look or when I'm going to college. I've found that the best outfit for me, that doesn't require too much effort but still looks really nice and more formal. I tend to opt for a nice understated shit with a pair of denim jeans, paired with a nice pair of heels and some accessories in the form of a statement necklace, large studs and a nice clutch bag! This type of outfit is perfect to go to dinner and even a house party. My favourite place to purchase jeans lately has been Newlook and I personally love purchasing my shirts from ASOS and Boohoo. My go to clutch bags are my Whistles RivingtonLouis Vuitton and River Island bags. When it gets a little cold, I end up throwing on a leather jacket!

What's your 'go to' outfit for a night out?

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