Many bloggers and vloggers have brought out their own products over the past couple of years, whether it's been books, makeup, eyelashes etc. It's nice to see the growth of the blogging industry acknowledged more as bloggers and vloggers initially started out selling their own merchandise, such as t-shirts and hoodies and seeing fellow content creators getting book and deals and coming out with more affable products is genuinely really exciting, although I've only tried Fleur De Force's lashes with Eyelure (which I love by the way!) the reason why I haven't really purchased many people's products because they didn't exactly float my boat. However I recently saw Zoella introduce the latest collection to her Zoella Beauty line, Sweet Inspirations and I have to say that it really caught my eye!

Sweet Inspirations consists of eight different beauty products that smell of sweet macaroons which have the most beautiful French patisserie inspired packaging. I have seven out of the eight as unfortunately, the body fondant isn't available as of yet. Anyway, I'm still really excited to get using these products, I just wanted to show them in all their glory first!

Available to order now on Feel Unique and Superdrug.com and Superdrug stores!