Everyone has their own style and different people follow various different trends. If there's anything that I own in my wardrobe that I believe everyone should own in theirs, it's a pair of Converses! Converses are one of the few pairs of shoes that are very versatile when it comes to age, gender and style. I would buy a pair of converses for my nan, a boyfriend, and for the friend with the expensive taste! Here are some more reasons why if you haven't, you should pick yourself up a pair of Converses!

  • They Can Look Smart - Even with smart trousers and a blazer, they look good!
  • They're Really Comfortable - I've worn these everywhere, parties, festivals, work etc.
  • There Are Different Styles - From Hi Tops, to Lace and Studs. There's something for everyone.
  • They Can Add A Subtle Pop of Colour - Red, Pink even Yellow Converses look good.
  • They Don't Break The Bank! - Even if they cost more than they should, they're still affordable.
  • They Last For Ages - I've had my oldest pair of Converses for about six years now.
  • They Look Good For Grungy Looks - Just dirty them up a bit and you're good to go!

Some of my favourite converses have to be the Double Tongue, The Classic White, The All White, my Khaki Converses and All Black Hi Tops!
Do you own a pair of converses? If not you, should. Purchase them here!

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