Summer is the time when most people tend to go on their holidays, and the way in which people prepare for their holidays differs from individual to individual. Some people pack two weeks before and others pack a day before or even on the day they’re leaving! The way you prepare for a holiday really depends on the type of holiday you’re going on. If you’re going on a skiing holiday, you don’t really need to prioritize going for a wax, but you’d need to make sure you’ve got your snow jacket and trousers etc.

Before I go on holiday, I always get a manicure and pedicure, particularly as your feet are going to be out on display, more than usual! When it comes to my manicures, I usually get acrylics and a nice bold colour, such as a red or bright pink. However for my current holiday, I have a gel manicure, as I really like a more natural look on my nails and instead of going bold, I chose a nude pink nail polish. For toes, gel nails are the way to go. It lasts a really long time without chipping and just looks a lot better for longer. I tend to have white nail polish on my toes, and for my current holiday, it was no different!

This is something I do anyway, but I definitely make sure I get a wax/shave before a beach holiday. I tend to do my legs, armpits and bikini line. You most likely do not want to see your hairy legs when you’re wearing your lovely new dress! Being hair free will probably not only make you look better, but also will make you feel better as you’ll feel fully prepped for your holibobs!

A hair appointment is an absolute essential for me when I go away. My hair is permanently straightened, so I always make sure that I get my roots touched up before I go away as curly roots and straight ends is not the one, especially as my hair is a lot more fragile when I’m on holiday due to the chlorine and salt etc. A lot of people also like to make a colour change to their hair as well, such as adding highlights or getting a cut and blow-dry.

If you still like wearing makeup when you go away, strategically selecting products for your makeup bag is key. You need to opt for weather appropriate makeup items that will work well for the climate of your holiday destination. If you’re going somewhere cold, you’re makeup will most likely stay on your face well, but you may find you need a hydrating primer or setting spray to boost the hydration in your skin. If you’re going somewhere hot, a matifying primer and powder will be your best friend!

A lot of the time when I’m picking out my skincare I really try and streamline my products, not only so that it doesn’t weigh down my suitcase, but also so as I don’t tend to use half of the products that I bring with me. Depending on the time you’re going away or your skincare needs somewhat determine what you need to bring and what you can afford to leave. For me I’m bringing the bare basics; cleanser, toner, moisturiser, makeup wipes, SPF, shower gel and deodorant.

Outfits are probably the most obvious things and this too depends on where you’re going. I’m a control freak, especially when it comes to packing, as I get scared in case I’ve forgotten anything. Before I go away, I take in account the amount of time I’m going away for and make sure that I have enough outfits for every evening, a few day time outfits (if it’s a beach holiday) and shoes and bags that are versatile enough to go with every planned outfit.

How do you get ready for a holiday?

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