Highlighting has been all the rage lately and has completely dominated the beauty industry over the past year and a half. As much as I love a good highlight, in the past I have found it hard to maintain a glowy highlight without looking oily as the day progresses. With this hot summer weather and having just been on holiday, I’ve learnt various techniques to try and keep the oil at bay.

PRIME: Before any makeup even touches my face, I use a primer. Primer should be the first step in anyones makeup routine if they want to prevent any unwanted oils making an appearance, no matter what your skin type. If you have oily skin, you’ll want a mattifying primer and if you have dry skin, a hydrating primer would most likely be best for you. If you’re lucky enough to have normal skin, you can go either way with the primer, but I would suggest a hydrating primer for more dewiness. My favourite primers happen to by the Benefit Porefessional, Maybelline Pore Eraser and the Hourglass Veil primer. All of which create a lovely base for makeup and gives a more refined appearance of pores and allows makeup to sit better on the skin.

POWDER: In my opinion, powdering your makeup goes without saying. Depending on how much oil control you need, depends on the individual. I don’t have extremely oily skin, but for those who do the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder has been a raved about by bloggers with very oily skin. I really like the Bourjois Java Rice Powder which has a nice hint of shimmer to it, and when used sparingly can give a more overall perfected look. The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder is a lovely finely milled powder and doesn’t cake up on the face, but sets makeup really well.

SETTING SPRAY: To give my makeup even more chance of staying put, carrying out a second step to set your makeup helps with the wear of your makeup. The second step consists of using a setting spray, which not only assists to keeping your makeup in place for a long time, but it also helps with adding to that overall dewy look! I’ve not tried many as I’m pretty faithful to the Monu Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist* and MAC Fix+ which have always worked for me.

BLOT: I hate touching up my makeup, when I put it on in the mornings, I like it to stay put throughout the whole day, however we can’t help getting oily throughout the day. Due to this, I tend to blot throughout the day in the heat, whether it’s with a blotting paper or even just some tissue. This helps to remove a large amount of oil on the face, without actually moving the makeup, as you would be using a pressing motion, rather than a rubbing motion, which would migrate the makeup.

DOUBLE UP: When it comes to maintaining a lovely, dewy glow I like to double up on my highlighter. Not only does this provide a more intense highlight, but it also prolongs the longevity of the highlighter. I like to use a liquid/cream highlighter such as the Kevyn Aucoin Glow Duo or the No7 Skin Illuminator for a subtle highlight, however I then set it in place with a powder highlight, which have recently been the Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder, The Balm Betty Lou-Manizer or the MAC Global Glow highlighter. This just creates a light additional highlight and essentially another barrier for your natural oils to try and combat.

What are your favourite products for a beautiful glow?

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