I’m not really a jewellery person, you’ll never see me resembling the likes of a chandelier in jewellery, but I do like more dainty and understated pieces. There have been a few pieces that I have really been gravitating towards recently as I’m starting to make more of an effort in wearing jewellery other than my usual pair of studs.

I picked up my Grecian Eye Ring on my latest holiday in Greece and I have been wearing this non-stop ever since. It’s a beautiful piece that I wear as a midi ring as it’s adjustable and actually fits my oddly sized fingers. I love the incorporation of the cubic zirconia as it makes it a little more interesting, but the actual eye is nice as a lot of Grecian pieces have the notorious eye on it. My Daniel Wellington watch very rarely leaves my wrist. It is completely different from the majority of my other watches, which are enthused with diamantes and in actual fact, quite gaudy and ‘in your face’. The large face really compliments the simplistic nature of the Sheffield watch and I love pairing this with my shamballa or LoveLinks bracelet.

I’m very new to the Pandora clan. I recently received my Pandora Bracelet* which I’ve yet to add more charms to. Nevertheless, I embrace the simplicity of it, as it has a heart clasp, in addition to my valentines day charm. I tend to just wear this when I want something really simple on my wrist or want to stack it with other pieces! I love jewellery that is simple enough for me to wear everyday, without the need for me to take off. My Tiffany Heart Necklace just happens to be one of those pieces. I have the simple renowned heart pendant with the shorted chain, so that it doesn’t hang too low, yet sits nicely on the collarbone. This goes with absolutely everything and any outfit, as I can allow it to sit on the neckline of a top or just leave it under my top/dress.

What are your go-to jewellery pieces?

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