Over the past couple of months or so, I’ve been picking up a few pieces here and there, to prepare me for the new season, as well as my upcoming holiday to Malia. As I had exams for well over a month, I didn’t really have time to go out and splurge, so I done a few online orders and I’m pretty happy with these picks, although I’ve still got a few more bits to purchase for my holiday, but other than that, I’m pretty smitten.
H & M: I am absolutely obsessed with v neck t-shirts I find them so easy to wear, whether it’s for a night out with a statement necklace and blazer or even just to go shopping with some skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I purchased a charcoal, khaki and white t-shirts to cover most bases. They are basic but versatile and it’s nice to be able to dress it up or down, depending on your mood or occasion etc. I also picked up a khaki mac having seen Kim Kardashian wearing her oversize khaki mac with an all black ensemble. This is perfect for the summer as it’s lightweight and perfect for those cool summer evenings when you don’t necessarily want a jacket, but need something light to throw over!

ASOS: I have been obsessed with the whole slider trend, so I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of Adidas sliders in black. Now you most definitely won’t see me wearing these with socks, because I’m not a socks and sandals kind of girl. These are just perfect when you’re popping to the shops or going to a lesson/lecture and obviously if you’re on holiday and going to the beach. I really like wearing this with a pair of black skinny jeans, and an oversized white tee. A good thing about these is that you can wear them with a nice black shift dress, to make an outfit, less formal.
ZARA: Whenever I’m in need of a new bag, my first stop is always Zara, they have such beautiful bags that are on trend and I finally purchased the chain city bag which I had seen for a while, but had no desire to purchase it until I thought of all the outfits I could wear this with. You can wear it with the one strap or double the chain to have it shorter. Since purchasing this bag, I have barely put it down, as I have loved it so much!

ACCESSORIZE: I have wanted to properly ditch my purse as it just takes up too much room, however I was on the hunt to find the perfect substitute, to keep any coins, cash or receipts in one place. Whilst watching Alix’s what’s in my bag video, she showed this rose gold card purse, which I knew, was the perfect item for me! It has card slots, which I now use to pop my store cards in, but it also has a zipped section, which I put any coins and receipts in. I much prefer this to a traditional purse as it takes up a lot less room and fits nicely in my new Zara chain city bag!
NEWLOOK: I found a lovely coral pink bikini top on Newlook, which I thought would go nicely with my black high waisted bikini bottoms. This top has beautiful scalloped detailing and the brightness makes it very summer appropriate and perfect for around the pool! Anyone who knows me knows that I love a denim shirt. They are incredibly versatile as they have a million and one ways to wear it as it’s such a classic piece. This is a mid-wash shirt, which gives me more options on the different shades of denim I can wear with it, if I want to wear denim on denim. You can wear it with white jeans for a summer look, or tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans and a statement belt for an equally casual look. I have also worn mine tucked in a bodycon skirt with tights and high top converses for dinner.

PRIMARK: I’m really not a shorts person, but I bought a pair of black shorts with a white trim for my upcoming holiday to Greece. They’re more like running shorts but I thought they’d be quick and easy to pop on over a bikini with an oversized white top when going to the beach/pool or even just to sleep or lounge around in. I pretty much live in flip flops, particularly around the house, so I picked up a couple pairs of black Flip Flops from Primark so that I could bring a pair with me on my next holiday and a pair to lounge around in (if lounging around in flip flops is even a thing). Black flip flops just go with anything and are as absolute essential in my wardrobe, and at 90 pence a pair, you can’t go wrong!

What have you picked up recently?