I like to think of myself as the Queen of Packing, I absolutely love it and always have. Whether it’s packing for an overnight stay at my nans when I was younger or packing for a two-week holiday in the sun, I’m blooming obsessed! I have even been known to pack my suitcase two weeks before a holiday I get that excited. I really enjoy organizing, so packing really fulfills my organizing urges, especially knowing that I’ll be away from home and need to make sure that I’m fully prepared for any situation. Since I’ve packed my fair share of suitcases for various trips, I’ve learnt the most efficient way to pack when travelling, whether it’s on a trip to Butlins or a 24-hour trip to Australia (not that I've been to either).

1. Roll Your Clothes – I’ve actually not tried this until packing for my most recent trip, but I’ve heard that it not only means that you can fit more clothes in, but if you pack the items most likely to crease on the bottom and the clothes less likely to crease at the top of the pile and roll it up, there’s less chance it creases.

2. Plan Your Outfits Beforehand – This is probably one of my most favourite parts about packing and my mum always laughs at how I plan my outfits. I’m not one of those people who will just chuck in a couple tops and bottoms here and there. I plan my outfits down to a T hanging everything neatly out on my wall ranging from daytime to evening outfits and underwear  It means that I know what goes with what so when I get to my destination, it is all nicely laid out for me. In the past I’ve even written a list of what goes with what, in case I forgot (I know I’m insane!).

3. Choose Versatile Items – If you are one of those people who doesn’t thoroughly plan their outfits and instead likes to have options, then your best bet is to choose versatile items. There’s no point in packing a pair of shorts that only goes with one top when you’re away for 21 days. Versatile items means that you can bring less items, but have more options at the same time, so in theory, getting the best of both worlds!

4. Write Lists – I am like a serial list writer. Not a day goes by where I haven’t written about three lists. It’s not only satisfying ticking off everything you’ve gotten done that day, but it keeps you on track and ensures that you don’t forget anything, like your toothbrush and means you don’t end up picking up a cheap toothbrush at the airport that’s like rubbing sandpaper against your teeth.

5. Pick Appropriate Clothes – This is a given, but there is no point in packing your favourite bikini/swimming costume if you’re going for a holiday in the Alps where it’s absolutely freezing (unless there’s a hot tub, in which that’s a different story!). If you’re going on a city break, maybe think of bringing comfortable shoes and check what the weather is likely to be before you leave to see if you need to pack a rain mac or jacket.

6. Pack A Couple Days In Advance – If you’ve booked your trip in advance, you should pack a couple days prior as you can see everything that you have, and more importantly everything that you don’t have instead of reaching the other side and realizing that you’ve forgotten to pack a particular item (my worst nightmare), like a pair of shoes or you’ve realised that you didn’t need to bring three handbags for a beach holiday.

7. Take As Less As Possible – If you are going away with a another person or a group of people, whilst you’re away, you can share things with each other, such as a bottle of shower gel or a hairdryer or straighteners as you don’t need two sets of hairdryers as it will just take up unnecessary room in your luggage, which could be used for more shopping or souvenirs!

What are your travel packing tips and tricks?

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