I have been using the same hair care products for the past few years now. The same shampoo and conditioner, argon oil, hair gels, everything! I’ve been getting really bored of using the same products for such a prolonged amount of time, so I’ve been trying out some new products to help me have healthier and nicer looking hair. I have really dry hair, so I tend to opt for products that will hydrate and give a sheen to my hair and as my hair is various different lengths, I like products that will help slick everything down.

Motions Hair Lotion Light Moisturiser: I actually found this product within my hair box. I started using this at a time when I ran out of all of my argan oils and I just needed something that would help nourish my hair. I have found that this works best on my hair when it’s just been blow-dried and I don’t plan on straightening it as it works well when my hair is a little more course as it softens my hair and means that I don’t need to add additional product or heat as it pretty much tames it on its own.

Tresemme Hydrating Mist: I have thick hair anyway, so I don’t really like heavy products, but this product is so lightweight that it doesn’t weigh my hair down. This hydrating mist has a light coconut scent. The actual consistency is quite sticky/tacky, however I use this when my hair is damp and it just helps to manage my hair even more, but detangling, adding extra hydration and making it look and feel extra soft and smooth.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Polishing Serum: I’ve switched up argan oils for this polishing serum as this not only hydrates my hair and makes it look and feel a lot better, but it helps with any flyaways, particularly as my hair is various different lengths. I use this on semi-wet hair and then depending on the condition of my hair, I’ll decide whether or not I want to add more when my hair is completely dry. It’s not as heavy on the hair as one would expect, especially as I tend to focus the product on my ends which are quite dry.

Crème Of Nature Perfect Edges: This is perfect to slick your edges down. This product in particular has a very strong hold and keeps my edges in place throughout the entire day. I personally don’t make snazzy designs, I just like my edges to stay in place, especially when it’s getting to a point when I need my roots permanently straightened as they can sometimes be quite curly and this edge control just helps to lay them flat and keep my flyaways at bay.

Tresemme Oleo Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner: This shampoo and conditioner have both almond and argan oils. I used these whilst I was on holiday in Malia and they kept my hair feeling so soft and free from knots which is a first for me, as my hair is usually in bad condition when I’m on holiday, feeling dry and brittle, like hay. These also have a really lightweight formula and don’t weigh my hair down and have a nice, subtle scent. Prior to this, I used the Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner for years, however since using the new Oleo Radiance range, my hair has felt so much more nourished and healthier.

What is your favourite hair product?


  1. I feel like people often underestimate what a good shampoo routine can do to one's hair! It can be a total game-changer!

    xoRosie // Rosie's Life