When it comes to fashion, there’s always a debate on which items you should splurge on and those in which you should save. Obviously if you have an inundated amount of moolah, this post is most likely going to be highly irrelevant to you, but for those who like to spend and save in various areas of style, this compilation will hopefully be beneficial to you.

BASICS – SPLURGE & SAVE: I’m neither here nor there when it comes to basics. On one hand, I think that if it’s something you’re going to wear a lot of the time, then you should spend a little bit more money on it, so it has more chance of lasting longer, particularly if you like the fit of the item on you. However, I personally don’t tend to spend a great deal on items such a vest tops and v neck t-shirts and I often get mine from ASOS, Forever21 and H&M as I like having a variety of colours and I don’t feel like more expensive items are that much better quality to justify a higher price tag.

TRENDS – SAVE: When it comes to trendy pieces that are in season, I always find that it’s best to save as they’re most likely items that you won’t like in a year, or even potentially in a month. If you do like to keep up to date with the most relevant trends, it’s good to save as the shops on the high street often make more affordable inspired pieces of their higher end counterparts. The amounts of items that I’ve purchased that was on trend and have barely worn is ridiculous, and if I had spent a lot of money on them, I would’ve been so annoyed and would have felt like it's wasted.

BAGS & SHOES - SPLURGE: These can obviously be costly items to purchase, but they are well worth it. I’m such a believer that bags and shoes can absolutely make an outfit! You can have an entire outfit from Primark, but if you pair it with a good bag and shoes, you’d be none the wiser! So splurging on a nice bag and shoes not only completes an outfit, but it is also likely to last a lot better, but you could also hand them down to a family member in years to come!

JEANS – SPLURGE & SAVE: For many people, jeans would be one of those items to invest in as they are absolute staples in anyone’s collection, however for someone like me, who doesn’t have a thigh gap, I find that regardless of the price I pay for a pair of jeans, they end up wearing away on the inner thigh, so for me I like to save when it comes to jeans. However if you’re someone who is fortunate enough to not have that problem, you would most likely find it better to invest, especially if you’ve found a pair of jeans that fit very well, as they could potentially last for many years.

LEATHER – SPLURGE: Investing in leather is also a good idea! I personally don’t like purchasing jackets, bags or shoes that aren’t real leather, as I don’t feel like they fare too well, so I try to avoid materials like PU and PVC leather. I find that when I invest in leather goods, whether it’s a jacket, shoes and bags, they just look so much better for longer as they age incredibly well.

JEWELLERY – SPLURGE & SAVE: This is another thing where you could go either way. I like to invest in more classic jewellery pieces as I like knowing that I could wear it in ten years and it I would like it just as much as I would today. It also means that I can wear it as many times as I like without getting a green neck or wrist, which is never a good thing. Although, I like to save on more trendy jewellery pieces, such as statement necklaces, particularly ones from Zara as I think they’re so stunning without breaking the bank!

What do you like to invest and save on?

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