August has been an interesting month. A lot of good things have happened and along with July has probably been one of my favourite months of 2016. I kind of took a little break with regards to blogging as I was being so regimented with it and it somewhat took the love out of it for me and so I wanted to take it back to how it was in the beginning with a more relaxed vibe (although that hasn’t lasted long as I’m back to posting multiple times a week). I’ve picked up quite a few new bits and have really taken to a selected few items!
My eyebrows are in dire need of a threading session, however I’ve been too scared to get them done (after an awful turnout last time) and brow pencils really haven’t been working for me lately. I thought I would try a brow powder, so I went back to an old favourite of mine, the Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit which has been working wonders on my brows. It has been making it much easier to fill in my unruly brows and keeps a nice and natural look.

It’s no secret that I’m a highlighter fiend and I recently added a newbie to my makeup collection. The Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in the shade 10 is a beautiful bronze highlight. It adds a stunning natural glow to the key points of my face, however I’ve also enjoyed mixing it with my foundation for an all-over glow.

I spontaneously purchased a set of some Rose Gold Brushes on eBay and I’ve given each of them their fair try. Out of the twelve, there have been two amazing standout brushes that I have loved using. The angled brush blends out my powder contour really nicely. I can concentrate it by using the narrow side of the brush and then blend it out by changing the angle of the brush. The other brush is the contour brush (which is a dupe of the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush, though I prefer this one!) and this blends out my liquid contour seamlessly!

White nail polish is most definitely a fave of mine, however I have always found it really hard to keep white, without have a creamy tinge within a week of wearing it. The Sensationail White Lily Gel Nail Polish has been great at helping me maintain a brilliant white manicure and having a pristine professional finish.
There have been two tops hat I have been absolutely living in over the past month and they both happen to come from Primark! The first item is a red/navy checked shirt which has been my go-to when going to work and just carrying out various errands. It is so comfortable (especially being 100% cotton) and is perfect for that time of the month, when you don’t want anything too tight on! The second item is a crochet black vest top which I have enjoyed wearing out for dinner as it’s so easy and effortless to throw on, yet looks a lot more formal and put together.

I’ve never been to a comedy show before, but I have been an avid listener of The Brilliant Idiots podcasts. I found out that Andrew Schulz, one half of the duo was having a comedy show in London and I somehow persuaded my friend to come watch him with me! It was such a funny evening and Andrew Schulz never fails to make me laugh, to the point where my cheeks were aching after! Hopefully this was my first comedy show of many as I’m definitely going to go to another one.

Thursday 18th August was a terrifying day for myself, and most other A-Level students. It was the day when we found out whether we go into our universities. On D-Day, I didn’t even get a chance to look at my grades, before being emailed that firstly got into my insurance (second preference) uni which I was so happy about, and then not even 10 minutes later, my firm choice (first preference) emailed me saying that I got my place there too! I was so happy that I got into my dream university as I honestly thought I wouldn’t be offered a place to go there. Here’s to the next 3 years!
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What have you been enjoying this month?