As much as I love blogging, one of the downsides is that, unlike with vlogging your readers don't get a chance to really find out about you as a person as its really hard for your personality to come through. All you're really known for is your favourite lipsticks, your go to outfit and your everyday makeup routine. Believe it or not, there's a lot more to us bloggers than these superficial things. There are are so many things that may piss us off and excite us etc. but these are really difficult to get across in a written format, and even this post will only marginally put those across, but hopefully you'll get to know more about me, Charlotte Peter - Christmas, the girl behind the blog. 

  My favourite music artist is Drake • Instagram is my most active form of social media • I plan my outfits the night before / in the shower  When I sneeze, I dab The amount of tuna and pasta I eat is ridiculous • My favourite makeup brands are Maybelline, Nars and Giorgio Armani • I’m not as serious as you would think upon meeting me Malia was my all-time favourite holiday • I don't think my blog will ever be as good or successful as I want it to be •  The Louis Vuitton Neverfull has been on my wishlist for the longest time • I’m not as strong as I make out to be • My favourite biscuits is the Border chocolate oat crumbles • As of September, I'll be a journalism student • I very rarely regret anything • I hate listening to people eating / kissing - No mouth noises please • I never truly get over people • My favourite photo editing app is VSCO  I'm socially awkward - Blogger events aren't my fave • I'm constantly trying to better my work and content • I passed my driving test first time round - one month into my 18th birthday •  I trust people too much • My perfume collection mainly consists of Jo Malone • Converses are my go to trainers • I have 8 piercings-fave is my nose• 

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