I’ve been blogging for well over three years now and as much as I love it, there have been a few occasions when I have contemplated giving up on it altogether. This has previously been brought on by peers mocking my blog, when I’ve been disappointed by the lack of progress of my blog or when I have been at a total loose end of what to post and the direction of my blog. Despite these few hiccups, whenever I’ve been thinking about giving up, there always seems to be something that stops and reminds me just why I have my blog and it’s usually when a reader tells me just how much they enjoy my blog or the fact that they can see the progress that I’ve made with it. So if anyone is going through a rough patch with their blog and needs a little kick up the ass, here are twelve little reminders as to why you shouldn't give up blogging.

1. It’s your corner of the internet to post what you want and whenever you want to.

2. It’s a creative outlet, particularly if you work in a not so creative environment e.g. an office.

3. There’s someone out there reading your content and genuinely enjoying what you are doing.

4. You started it for your own personal reasons. Remember them and carry on.

5. Post as much or as little as you want. Your blog will always be there for you.

6. It becomes a part of you and your readers somewhat come on your journey with you!

7. It could lead to amazing opportunities that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

8. It’s something to do. Simple.

9. There are amazing people involved! Whether it be other fellow bloggers or the people who support by reading and commenting.

10. You’ve presumably already invested a lot of time, effort and money. Follow it through for as long as you can.

11. It’s yours! Not for anyone else to dictate what you do with it.

12. Last but not least, it is something to be immensely proud of!

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