There have been a few times when I’ve just wanted to sit down with a nice hot chocolate and put some music on and just delve into a sh*t tonne of blog posts, yet there’s nothing that I’ve been that interested in reading. However recently, I’ve come across a few blog posts that really warrant a read and recommendation. So if (unlike me) you’ve go this weekend off work and can sit down and relax, check out the following blog posts (and blogs too, they’re kind of great!)

TheLoveCatsInc: How You Can Help Your Fellow Blogger
Being a blogger, I felt like I could really relate to this post. Despite what some people think, blogging is hard work whether it’s sticking to tight deadlines, constantly promoting your content or reshooting an entire blog post because the lighting was bad or the composition was crap. I think I sometimes get so caught up in my own blog and how I can make it better, that I sometimes forget to help out other bloggers, even if it’s just liking their instagram post or retweeting something so that other people can enjoy it too.

Link to Blog Post, Here.

A Fashion Fix: Swapping Your White Tee For Pink
I’m one of those people who appears to where very similar attire, however I’m partial to a t-shirt change. Swapping my black/white tee for charcoal or khaki etc. I’ve enjoyed reading Hannah’s blog for well over a year now, and although our personal styles are very different, I always seem to find something that I love and consequentially end up purchasing from Hannah’s outfits – Usually accessories such as shoes and bags. This post shows a nice ay of subtly switching a classic for colour!

Link to Blog Post, Here.

In The Frow: How To Avoid Social Regrets & FOMO
I’ve been at uni for almost a month now, and it was pretty evident from the beginning that I wasn’t putting myself out there to experience the proper university experience. University social life tends to revolve around getting absolutely pissed and going to the same club, night after night. Now, the getting pissed thing, I can do, but I’m really not one for clubbing – which I’ll talk about in a whole other post. But as Victoria said, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone.

Link to Blog Post, Here.

The Private Life of a Girl: How To Be A Conscious Blogger
Blogging can often be a really clouded place and difficult to understand – even for someone involved in it. With the likes of PR samples, discounts and sponsored content, its easy to lose sight of why you started your little corner of the internet if you’re being bombarded with what seems like, all the perks of blogging. However this post really helped to whittle down and put into perspective a few points to remember when it comes to blogging.

Link to Blog Post, Here.

Have you seen any blog posts that have caught your attention lately?


  1. Will definitely check these posts out. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Ninz | www.ninzbeauty.com

    1. You're welcome, glad you liked the post! x