Although I’m a very decisive person, I also get bored really quickly and over the years, my style has evolved. Despite this change in personal style, I’ve learnt some style rules to live by, especially since I’ve been selling items on my Depop shop (@charlottexmas). Having said that my style hasn’t drastically changed, but certain elements most definitely have. The following tips are style rules to live by to help make some smart purchases, that you won’t regret a week, month or even a year later.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – There’s no point in purchasing lots of poorly made items for the sake of filling your wardrobe. They’ll more likely end up not getting used or they’ll just end up falling apart on the second wear. Instead of purchasing five inexpensive versions of the same item, purchase one or two, better made items that you know will last longer and over time, the cost per wear will decrease. Remember, buy cheap - buy twice.

INVEST IN ACCESSORIES – Accessories completely make up an outfit. You can’t really tell whether someone has on a £40 or £250 pair of jeans on, as long as they fit well, but you can tell whether someone has a £10 or £300 bag, so by saving clothes, you may be able to splurge in other areas such as accessories – shoes, bags and classic jewellery etc. as these complete an outfit. By spending more money in these areas, you’ll get better quality and they should stand the test of time.

STOCK UP ON BASICS – You would be amazed at how many vest tops and V-neck tees I have lurking about in my wardrobe. I wear them on pretty much a daily basis, whether it is on their own, or under a shirt etc. to layer items. Basics are so important, irrespective of your style and are absolute staples, so make sure you have a few in your stash.

CREATE A CONCISE CAPSULE WARDROBE – Once you have constructed your capsule wardrobe filled with all the basics (post here), you’ll have the absolute essentials and this will help you to expand and incorporate pieces that are on trend at that moment. A capsule wardrobe helps to ensure that there are no gaps in your wardrobe/closet and that all the holes are filled regarding your choices.

IF IT FITS LIKE NO OTHER, STOCK UP! – There have been many times when I’ve purchased an item, fallen in love with it and then when I go back to get more, it’s nowhere to be seen. In particular, a pair of ripped jeans I got from Primark, which fit me like a glove –no gathering or stretching – just comfortable and perfect, but now they’re no longer there. So stock up!

DON’T CLASH PATTERNS – It’s overwhelming!

IF YOU BUY SOMETHING & DON’T WEAR IT WITHIN 10 DAYS, RETURN IT – If you haven’t worn it when it’s brand spanking new from the shop and still has the tag on, you most likely won’t wear it in weeks to come. Obviously, if you’re purchasing for a particular event, then that’s different, but you don’t want items in your wardrobe to take up space and gather dust. It’s slightly irritating when you’re selling or giving clothes away that still have the tags on and have only been tried on, as it’s just a waste of money.

PURCHASE BLACK FIRST, THEN OTHER COLOURS – If you purchase something in black first, you’ll be able to gage how much use you’ll get out of it. If you don’t get much wear out of the item when you have it in black, you most likely won’t get much out of it if you were to buy it in a more garish colour as black is a universal colour that goes with everything.

What are your style rules to live by?


  1. Great tips! I definitely own way too many basic tee's but they are just the perfect go to with a pair of jeans on a day to day basis. Being in uni most of the week, I just like to throw on something quick, easy and of course comfortable. Basics are therefore a huge essential for me! I like to invest the most into jackets, especially in the winter as these complete the look and most of the time hide your outfit if it's that cold outside. A statement jacket is a must!

    Toni x

    1. Thank you! &You can never own too many basic tees, they're an absolute staple. I'm the same around uni too and I definitely agree about investing in items such as jackets x