2016 wasn’t a particularly huge beauty year for me as I feel like it was the year that I delved into fashion more. This year, I think I’ve been very concise with my beauty favourites and I think I have found some amazing beauty products that have become firm favourites in my makeup collection. I have filmed my 2016 beauty favourites and you can scroll down to shop the beauty favourites and to get the lowdown of my style favourites!

I was pretty much living in my Adidas Sliders throughout the second half of 2016. They came with me to Malia, university and Madeira. These sliders are so comfortable and easy to wear with a variety of outfits. I love how easy they are to just slip on, especially whilst in the uni flat or quickly popping to the shops because it’s easier than having to tie up shoelaces. On the Adidas front, my Adidas Neo Puffa Jacket is another favourite of mine. As soon as I tried it on, I fell in love with it and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s a nice in between puffa jacket – not too hot or too cold and although it’s Adidas, it’s not overly branded and in your face.

My favourite trainers of 2016 are without a doubt, my Old Skool Vans. The actual shape of these trainers’ suits my feet better than converses. They are so easy to wear and pair with various outfits, whether formal or casual. I like how the white breaks up the dark element of the black and they’re so comfortable and I also wear them when I’m working on my feet all day long.

On the bag front, my Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch is one of two handbags favourite for the year. The classic monogram print makes it easy to wear with various different shades and outfits. I initially started using this bag for dinners and nights out, but I eventually started using it casually during the day and I love how versatile it is. The size can be deceiving but it fits in more than enough!

The Zara Chain City Bag is the second favourite. The gunmetal chain detailing makes it easy to wear the bag with gold or silver jewellery without clashing. I’ve enjoyed using this bag for both formal and casual occasions. The lengths of the strap is perfect as you can have one long strap or double it up and have a shorter strap and overall, it’s a lovely versatile bag.

What are your beauty and style favourites from 2016?

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