I tend to switch my bags around on a regular basis and depending on the bag and size determines what I can and cannot carry in it. One thing that tends to come in most of my handbags is my small Whistles Rivington clutch. I initially bought this for nights out, but I’ve been using a different clutch, so this one ended up getting a little neglected. I decided that I would use this to house all of my handbag essentials that can often be found floating around the bottom of my bag and keep them all together.

I always have to keep a fragrance or two on me to top up throughout the day. I tend to keep the same ones on me, just so I know that they’re there. The two that I keep in my pouch is my mini Jo Malone English Pear & Fresia cologne and Zara Joyful Tuberose rollerball. The Jo Malone fragrance is a beautiful fresh scent and the Zara fragrance is a lovely sweet scent, which isn’t something I usually go for, but it has an element of musk and isn’t too sickly sweet. The rollerball makes it very handbag appropriate.

Lip Products
I also keep my go to everyday lip products in here too. My all time favourite lip balm, the Nuxe Reve De Miel and it’s an absolute essential for me. It’s the best lip balm to keep your lips nice hydrated and it doesn’t interfere with my lipstick. I also keep my favourite lipstick and lip liner, being the MAC Plumful lipstick, which is a pinky plum shade, and Chestnut lip liner, which is a true brown.

Hand Cream & Antibacterial Gel
Hand cream is an absolute necessity for me. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than dry, ashy hands and especially in the colder months. I’m never loyal to any hand cream in particular, I usually go for Nivea soft, but recently, I’ve been using the Argan Oil Hand Cream which is really hydrating and keeps my hands nice and moisturized – as it says on the tin (or tube). I have antibacterial gel too as its an absolute necessity when living in London. My favourite is the Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash, which has a really clinical, unique scent and doesn’t make your hands feel sticky or tacky after using it.

What are your handbag essentials?

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