I know prom is ages away, but I remember this time 3 years ago, I started the long process of looking for my prom dress. My friends and I went to so much hassle to find dresses that we liked, that someone else hadn’t already bought! After purchasing a couple dresses that didn’t make the cut, I finally found one online that I loved! It can be difficult to find a prom dress that you genuinely love, feel amazing in and that doesn’t break the bank. Prom itself can be expensive especially for girls, particularly when it comes to the dress, shoes, bag, hair, makeup and transportation – it all adds up. MillyBridal UK has a huge array of prom dresses to suit different style preferences, whether you are looking for a long or short prom dress, diamantes or just a simple elegant dress, they have it and they aren’t crazily expensive either! In all honesty, it kind of makes me want to have another prom, just so I can get another pretty dress! I have compiled some of my favourite picks from MillyBridal UK!



Are you going to prom this year? Have you started getting everything sorted yet?

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