Over the past few years, more and more people are becoming vegan; I even have a few friends who have been vegan for a while now. A common misconception with veganism is that it’s only a diet and about what you eat, however being vegan is in face a lifestyle choice. With the increase in people choosing to get vegan, more brands are becoming cruelty free too. Although there are a lot of vegan beauty brands, a lot of the main ones that would most likely spring to mind (Maybelline, MAC, Bobbi Brown) do in fact test on animals. So I’ve compiled some of my favourite vegan beauty brands and their best sellers!

Kat Von D is renowned for her vast array of talents (as a tattoo artist, model and musician), however one of her biggest and latest achievements is launching KVD Beauty exclusively with Sephora. Some of the best-sellers are the Tattoo Lock It foundation and concealer, the Shade and Light palette, Tattoo liner and last but not least, the everlasting liquid lipstick. I myself have recently delved into KVD Beauty and so far, so good – I’m impressed!

Nars has definitely gone up the ranks with me and has become one of my favourite makeup brands in general, in addition to being one of my vegan makeup brand picks. They’re base products are definitely some to reckon with – consisting of great quality, shade range and longevity Nars pretty much has all bases covered. A couple of my beloved Nars products are the Sheer Glow foundation and the Radiant Creamy Concealer. Nars is definitely a brand that I tend to gravitate towards when I want a lovely high end product that delivers every time.

Makeup artists and YouTubers Sam and Nic Chapman have done a complete 180 when it comes to amazing quality brushes at an affordable price. Unlike brushes that are made up of real fibres, RT brushes are great not only for powder products, but also liquid and cream products. Being synthetic brushes, they are a lot easier to clean and restore to the bristles’ original colour. Real Techniques brushes make up the majority of my makeup brushes, as I know exactly what I’m getting, as they are hugely reliable and definitely stand the test of time!

In my opinion, Cover FX is an underrated brand, but nevertheless, one that I have loved for years now. The first product I ever tried from Cover FX is their CC Tinted Moisturiser back in ’14. Nowadays with highlighting being so engrossed in many makeup routines, their current best seller is the Custom Enhancer Drops, designed to wear underneath, mix into or wear on top of your base as a highlighter to give you an all-over healthy glow.  When it comes to Cover FX, my favourites are most definitely their base products!

Do you have any favourite vegan makeup brands or products?

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