One of the beautiful things about the human body is that there are a variety of different body shapes and sizes. Though you can wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in, there are particular styles and cuts that suit and flatter certain body types. This is the first of a series of posts that I’ll be compiling about how to dress for your body. This instalment is about finding dresses to suit you including my favourite picks from OkDress who have a wide selection of amazing dresses including prom dresses, and in particular prom dresses forunder £100! In the past, there have been a few times when I have picked up a dress and imagined it looking amazing on and it turns out to look awful. Most of the time this is down to the fact that the dress isn’t right for my body shape – so this post is to help anyone who needs a bit of guidance in dressing for their body shape!

The hourglass figure is when the hips and bust are proportionate with a smaller waist. The body weight distribution is often around both the upper and lower part of the body. The best types of dresses are ones that accentuate the bust and pulls in around the waist. Wrap dresses, v-necklines and open necklines are perfect for this body shape!

- Wear a good fitting bra to keep you all situated.
- Wear a belt to enhance your narrow waist.

- Wear shift dresses, as they don’t fall in the correct way.
- Pick heavy, drowning fabrics.

The pear body shape is when your hips are larger than your bust with a well-defined waist. This means your hips are wider than your shoulders. Typically, the shoulders, torso and stomach are the best assets with this body shape. When dressing for the pear shape, many like to add volume to the upper portion of the body. The most flattering types of dresses are A-line (A.K.A. skater dresses) and Bardot dresses.

- Try dresses that are A-line.
- Wear dresses with a boat neckline.

- Wear dresses with detail/embellishment on the hips.
- Wear dresses with padding on the hips.

The rectangle body shape is when you have a slender frame throughout. Having this frame will somewhat allow you to wear a variety of dress, whether it’s a skater or shift dress etc. however, as a rule of thumb, opting for a nice slim fitted dress will accentuate your slender physique. You might find that wrap dresses, will drown you in fabric, so a Victoria Beckham style dress is your best bet!

- Try slim fitted dresses.
- Try shift dresses.

Wear wrap dresses, as it won’t do anything for your figure.

The apple body shape is when you carry most of your weight through your middle, around your hip area. Those with this body shape often have a broad back and shoulders, typically with slim legs which tends to be the best feature. An A-line dress will help hide your stomach and opting for a dress with some embellishment either on the top or bottom – not the middle will detract from your stomach.

- Conceal the stomach by wearing shift dresses.
- Try dresses with v-necks.

- Wear body-hugging dresses that accentuate your stomach area.
- Wear high necklines.

What are your favourite go to dresses to flatter your body shape?

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