I often get stuck in a rut with the makeup products I wear in general, but recently I have had a little switch around with regards to my base products. I have blemish prone skin, so I’m always trying to perfect my base and find products and techniques to apply my makeup, to try and get the results that I want - whether it be to have my blemishes concealed, a dewy look or an overall glow etc.

PRIMER - I’ve been trying out a few primers lately, the first is the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. This is a silicone-based primer and you can definitely feel it when you’re applying it to the face. I like how it prepares my skin for the next step in my makeup routine and creates a nice base for my foundation and in the meantime, increases the longevity of my makeup and makes it look better for longer.

FOUNDATION - I have tried and tested quite a few foundations over the years and I’m currently obsessed with the Nars Sheer Glow foundation (review). It’s a lovely buildable medium coverage without being heavy on the skin. The shade ‘new guinea’ is a perfect match for my skin tone and I absolutely love the beautiful dewy finish. This is a really versatile base as it’s not too heavy to wear everyday, but it’s got a good enough coverage to wear on a special occasion or for a night out. The other base I’ve been using is the Mac Face and Body foundation (review) which is a light, dewy and natural foundation. I have been using this on days that I was a natural no makeup – makeup look as it has a very light coverage, although I build it up on areas where my skin needs a little more help.

CONCEALER – Over the past few months, I’ve been using the LA Girl Pro Concealer (review), but after my Full Face of First Impressions, I’ve been using the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (review) again. I have two shades, one in which I use to highlight under my eyes and I use the other on my blemishes. It has a lovely medium coverage, so it conceals problem areas well without looking cakey or feeling too heavy on the skin.

POWDER - I don’t tend to switch up my powder too much, I’ve always been pretty happy with the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder (review), however I have recently gone back to the MAC MSF Powder in Dark Golden (review), this powder isn’t what I tend to go for as I usually opt for translucent powders. Sometimes my under eye concealer is a tad too light, and because the MSF powder has a bit of pigmentation and is a little bit lighter for my skin tone, it tones it down a bit, but on the whole, it set my under eye concealer really well and prevents it from creasing.

HIGHLIGHT – I keep going back and forth with my highlighters, as I seem to want something different pretty much every time I do my makeup. One of my favourite staples that I always revert back to is the MAC MSF in Global Glow. It is a beautiful warm tone highlight and is particularly great for those with dark skin tones and adds a lovely glow to the skin!

CONTOUR - When it comes to the product I use to contour, I’ve been pretty loyal and up until recently, I’ve used the same contour kit for the past three years. The Sleek Contour Kit (review) will most likely always be my go-to product. I love that the contour powder is a nice matte shade with a cool undertone to imitate the appearance of a shadow. I also really like that fact that although it’s a drugstore brand, it still has a relatively dark shade.


What are your favourite base products?

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