Pixi have collaborated with four social influencers - Caroline Hirons, Aspyn Ovard, ItsJudyTime (full review here) and last but not least Maryam Maquillage. Maryam is a beauty blogger and self-taught makeup artist living in New York. Pixi and Maryam have collaborated together and brought out 3 products - the strobe and sculpt palette, strobe and bronze palette and a strobe and sculpt brush. When I initially saw this collection, I was instantly drawn towards the strobe and bronze palette as I didn't think the contour shades in the strobe and sculpt palette would be dark enough (I was wrong). When it comes to the collection as a whole, I really thought about how it was put together as I feel like most people would only purchase one of the two palettes, however one has more diversity than the other which kind of confuses me.


There are 6 shades in this palette, which consists of 3 highlighters and 3 contour shades. ‘Baby Chick’ is a lovely creamy matte highlight. ‘Caviar Dreams’ is a more pinky peach highlighter, which could also be used as a blusher or as a blusher/highlight hybrid. The final highlighter is ‘Honey Bunny’ which happens to be my favourite highlighter from the palette and is a beautiful warm tone gold shade, which would compliment an array of skin tones. The contour shade ‘Minx’ is a mid-tone brown with a hint of shimmer running through it. ‘Bo$$ Lady’ is a slightly darker brown contour with a matte finish. ‘Queen’ is a deep matte brown shade and this is the shade that I use to contour with. Each and every one of these shades is very pigmented and easy to blend which is important because in my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a product that leaves a line of contour/highlight on your face and takes a brush and a half to blend!


This palette contains 3 highlighters and 3 bronzers. ‘Highline’ is a beautiful peachy shade. ‘Empress’ is a frost pink highlight and ‘Lex’ is a warm golden highlight. When it comes to the bronzers, two of them are completely matte. ‘City Kitty’ is a light brown with a warm undertone. ‘Statuesque’ is more of a mid-tone brown and ‘917’ is a shimmery bronzey brown shade. Each and every one of these products is so pigmented, but the highlighters in particular are amazing. They are pigmented alone, however you can either build up the pigment or use a fixing spray to intensify it. My personal favourite shades are ‘highline’ and ‘statuesque’ as ‘highline’ works well with the golden undertone in my skin and ‘statuesque’ is a nice bronzer which helps to buff out any harsh contour.


When I first saw this I was initially concerned about how you would store a double-ended brush, as I didn’t want to crush the fibres. One end is a tapered brush for strobing and the other end is slightly larger and thicker and is for contouring. As Pixi is a vegan cruelty free brand, the fibres are synthetic, but it deposits the product so nicely and blends it out evenly. Something that I really like about this brush (and Pixi brushes in general) is that it’s accompanied with a clear case which is perfect if you want to pop it in your handbag or travel with it to keep it hygienic.

Out of the two palettes, my favourite is most definitely the Strobe & Sculpt palette as I’ve had so much more use out of it as opposed to the strobe and bronze palette. I do like the shades in the Strobe & Bronze palette, however if I had to choose one, it would be the Strobe & Sculpt as it's more diverse and there’s more variety in it due to the fact that there’s a contour, glowing highlighter and a blush and a matte highlight - good to set under the eyes or to highlight the brow bone. I really like the double-ended brush too as it applies and blends the product with ease.


What are your favourite Pixi products?
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