As of March 20th, we have officially been in spring! Although I would consider myself to be a winter baby, I do really enjoy autumn and spring, as I love the transition period of the mild, warm weather. My personal favourite things about spring are driving in the sun with my windows down and sunglasses on and the versatile wardrobe pieces - one day it's nice and warm meaning you can wear a lovely smock dress and the next it's a little cooler and you can wear a nice light jacket on a breezy evening. Despite the (what can be) unpredictable weather, there are some selected pieces that you need in your spring wardrobe!

Finding outerwear suitable for unpredictable weather can be difficult because you have to choose a versatile pieces that will keep you warm when it's cold, cool when it's warm and dry when it's wet. One versatile, spring appropriate piece is the renowned mac/trench coat. This is an absolute classic and goes so well with a variety of different outfits. Leather jackets are one of those pieces that can easily fit in your wardrobe for all the seasons. You can layer it up with knitwear and sweaters for colder days or just wear a top or dress underneath with a simple light scarf. To put a spring twist on a classic leather jacket, you can pick up an affordable pastel coloured leather jacket. Pale pink and baby blue jackets would make a perfect addition to your spring picks!

The smock dress is one that I feel like I've been waiting for the longest time to incorporate into my wardrobe! It's so easy to style a smock dress, simply by throwing a cardigan or a light jacket over it. Smock dress can be worn with a casual pair of espadrilles, ballerina flats, converses or even a lovely pair of ankle boots. Next up is the simple white shirt, which is one that can be integrated in all of the seasons in one way or another. Embroidery is very much on trend at the moment, and some floral embroidery on a classic white shirt is perfect for spring!

One spring wardrobe essential that I'm really excited about is the small dainty handbag. These make a cute little addition to any outfit. My favourite go-to place to purchase handbags from is Zara who offer on trend pieces of good quality at an affordable price. This is perfect if you have a tendency of carrying way too much in your bag and weighing it down as it helps to strip back and streamline the contents of your bag.

On the shoe front, an absolute spring essential is a pair of espadrilles - the most renowned ones coming from the luxury likes of Chanel and Saint Laurent. Espadrilles are a nice happy medium between a sandal and a closed shoe. They're so comfortable and casual to wear, whether it's with a nice dress or a pair of skinny jeans. Another pair of shoes that have spring written all over it is wedges. I really like wedges as they're a comfier alternative to stilettos and there are so many variations of the classic wedge shoe. There's the aforementioned espadrille, the trainer wedge, the platform and the lace up, just to name a few! Depending on the style of wedges determines how formal or casual your outfit is. The trainer wedge is definitely for those who want a more casual take and a simple court increases the formality.

What are your spring essentials?

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