When it comes to the outfits I wear around university to lectures etc., I pretty much stick to the same outfits. When I have to wake up early in the morning and go to lectures, I don’t really care to think too much about what I’m going to wear, as long as it’s comfortable and I don’t look like a slob – I’m happy. My style is relatively simple regardless, so there’s not too much room to deviate anyway. My day-to-day get-up usually consists of skinny jeans and trainers with a t-shirt or simple sweater with a jacket on top. On the odd day I might pop on a pair of boots or loafers - extremely simple.

In all honesty, I've been alternating between three jackets. My absolute go-to is my beloved Adidas puffa jacket which is nice to wear on colder days and it just goes with everything. My leather jacket is another one that I wear a lot more on mild days and particularly when I'm wearing a blouse or t-shirt. More recently, I've been wearing my black bomber jacket as it hasn't been as colder lately and it's another versatile piece. When it comes to tops, I have a tendency of switching between t-shirts, sweaters and a shirt/blouse on the odd occasion. I personally find v-neck t-shirts very flattering as it can be paired with a nice chunky knit scarf or with a leather jacket. I find that this cut is just a different take on a plain tee.

Since being at university, I don't think I've ever worn a skirt or dress (well not to lectures anyway) - they don't scream comfort to me. I am most definitely a jeans type of girl. My favourite jeans are from Newlook as they are comfy and affordable. I often opt for either the jeggings or the super skinny range. Both sales have loop holes (perfect for me as I always wear belts when I wear jeans) and viscose which means they're stretchy and comfortable whilst upholding the appearance of jeans. Again sticking on the comfortable bandwagon, I only really wear trainers (mainly because of the sh*t weather, but come spring/summer, I'll be whipping out the espadrilles and a fresh pair of white converses). My easy casual footwear picks are definitely my black old skool vans, a cruddy pair of (what were) white converses, my black hi-top converses, on a couple days a pair of loafers, over the knee boots and my newly introduced all black Nike Presto's!

What's your go-to outfit for day to day?


  1. My uni style is so comfy and simple too, what's the point of dressing all fancy?! Some girls at mine go all out, heels and all! xx

    1. Same, I really don't understand who some people are trying to impress...be comfy! x