Caroline Hirons is an internationally qualified Facialist, trained in over 100 brands and has worked in retail for 31 years and as a brand consultant in the beauty industry for over 10 years. When it came to choosing what to product to collaborate on with Pixi, Caroline was adamant that she wasn’t interested in bringing out any makeup and instead wanted one good skincare product – The Double Cleanse*, which is one of the reasons why her collaboration with Pixi vastly differs from the other Pixi Pretties collaborations±

There are two parts to the double cleanse – duh! Part one consists of the solid cleansing oil, which is a nice solid balm cleanser that melts away the makeup on as it comes into contact with the skin. Some of the key ingredients in the solid cleansing oil include Vitamin E, to protect and condition, Camellia Oil Omega to nourish and Evening Primrose Oil to heal and moisturize. The second part is the cleansing cream which cleanses the skin to prepare it for the following steps in your skincare routine. The cleansing cream contains Vitamin C to promote collagen and protect the skin, Peptide Complex to relax lines ad Arginine to assist cell renewal and elasticity. This product is meant to be used in the evening to breakdown and remove sunscreen, dirt and makeup. There is 100ml of product – 50ml of the solid cleansing oil and 50ml of the cleansing cream and retails for £24. As with all Pixi products, the double cleanse is not tested on animals and is therefore cruelty free.
When I first heard Caroline talk about this product, I did have my reservations about it because my history with oil and cleansing creams hasn’t always been a good one as the combination of makeup and the cleanser tend to go in my eyes and cause them to sting. As a result of this, I usually use a makeup wipe (sorry Caroline!) or a Micellar water to remove the majority of my makeup and then I go in with a second cleanser to give a thorough cleanse. Despite my initial concerns for this cleanser, when I first tried it I was pleasantly surprised that even when a little bit of the product went in my eyes, it didn’t sting or irritate my eyes which is probably down to the fact that it’s fragrance free.

I personally really do like this product as it does exactly what it says on the tin (or jar) and provides an efficient thorough double cleanse and at the same time doesn’t irritate my eyes – which get’s a huge thumbs up from me as most products make my eyes feel like the gates of hell have opened! I like the packaging as it's very much in touch with the Pixi skincare line and has a nice weighty feel.

Have you tried this product? What’s your verdict?


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