Recently, I haven’t been obsessed with buying masses and masses of makeup and the few items that I have purchased have been in the higher priced bracket. Because of this, I decided to peruse the Boots website to see if there were any cool new drugstore product launches that caught my eye as well as any products that I just hadn’t seen before that were new to me. The brands with some newbies happened to be L’Oreal, Rimmel, Revlon, Maybelline and Max Factor – all brands that I love! I tend to get really excited about new launches to see new and innovative ideas, particularly if old favourites have been revamped!


One of Revlon’s latest launches, which I really wanted to try, was their new Insta-Fix Foundation Stick. I’ve only ever tried one other foundation stick before and I like the idea of how quick and easy it is to apply and then to just buff it out into the skin. Also within the Insta range is the Insta-Blush in the shade Berry Kiss - a lovely muted berry shade. I’m not really a blusher person, but in the warmer months, if I do opt for a blusher, more often than not it’s a cream or liquid blush for an au naturel look. Lastly from Revlon is the Not Just Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. This palette contains 10 neutral eyeshadow shades, consisting of mattes and shimmers. Being from the same colour palette, it does really remind me of my beloved Maybelline The Nudes palette.


L’Oreal is another brand that didn’t seem to have a great deal in the new launch department, but I saw a new mascara of theirs – the False Lash Superstar x Fiber Mascara, which is similar to the 3D mascaras that add fibers to make your lashes appear fuller and longer. This mascara however adds them in a more subtle way that doesn’t make your lashes look like they have black fluff stuck to them! A couple new lip products (or at least to me!) are the Infallible Matte Max Lipstick and the Infallible Matte Lip Paints.


From what I could see, there wasn’t a great deal of newbies from Rimmel, I remembered that their new Volume Shake Mascara has launched recently and the whole shake up concept really intrigued me. Another product from Rimmel, which isn’t relatively new but had another interesting concept is the Ultra Soft Powder and from what I can understand about it, you’re meant to shake the product prior to using it and the powder on the doe foot applicator is similar to using a powder such as an eyeshadow in a pan.


Though these aren’t necessarily new launches, Max Factor have some of their best selling products available to purchase in a limited edition marble effect packaging – very blogger esque! The marble collection consists of the Facefinity Primer, which is a face primer to prep your base before your makeup. A longtime favourite of mine that’s also in the collection is the False Lash Effect Mascara, which is perfect for lovely voluminous lashes! The Colour Precision Highlighter in the shade Pearl Beige is a stunning pearlescent highlighter and last but not least is one of their Colour Elixir Lipsticks in the shade Burnt Caramel which to me looks more like a plummy shade rather than a nude caramel!


If you've been an avid reader of my blog, you'll know that one of my favourite products that I've been loyal to for the past few years is the Maybelline Brow Drama - it has such a great hold that your brows stay in place throughout the entire day. Recently Maybelline brought out another brow gel that takes the original Brow Drama one step further and have brought out the Master Precise Fiber Filler. This product is supposed to not only set your brows, but also add subtle little fibers to make your brows appear naturally fuller - perfect for one of those no makeup, makeup days!

What products have caught your eye at the drugstore lately?

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