April has been relatively kind to me. I had the majority of it off for the Easter holidays and had a couple of assignments and one exam and now I’m off again for my summer holidays! As I’ve spent a lot of time at home blogging, completing my audio assignment and revising for my shorthand exam, I haven’t been wearing a great deal of makeup, other than to uni, work and the odd shopping trip, so I haven’t really been trying out a load of products, but the few that I have been using, I am absolutely obsessed with! On the style front I’ve definitely been more into shoes and accessories, as my go-to outfits tend to be really basic and to switch them up I switch up my accessories!    


When it comes to beauty, I’ve really enjoyed using a couple products from Pixi over the past month. The first is the Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Up Mist* which is a boosting treatment toner. There is more than one-way to use this product, the first is applying it before your moisturiser, to strengthen and tone. The second way is after makeup to add hydration and a protective veil and the third way to use this is at anytime throughout the day to refresh and wake up the skin. I really like how refreshing it is on my skin as it works well as a good pick-me-up throughout the day when you’re feeling and maybe looking a little sluggish. My other favourite product from Pixi is the Pixi Lip Lift Plumper* in the shade ‘sheer rose’. This has become my new go-to everyday lip product. It’s not too pigmented and it lasts a considerably long time without me having to re-apply it 10 minutes after its first application. I’m not usually one for lip-gloss, I’m more of a matte lipstick person, but in the light of spring, I gave it a go and lone behold, it’s so nice for a natural and simple everyday look!

I am so picky when it comes to mascaras, I like them to add lots of length to my short, stubby lashes as well as a bit of volume. My newest favourite is the L’Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara, which adds very subtle fibres to your lashes in a two-step process. The first step is to add a coat of normal mascara and the second step is to add the mascara with fibres in the formulation. I love how it adds length to my lashes without making it look like I have lots of fluff on my eyelashes (like those infamous 3D fibre mascaras) whilst adding a nice amount of volume without clumping my lashes together.


If you saw my most recent haul, you would have seen that I got some new Tom Ford Glasses as a new pair of prescription glasses was well overdue! My eyesight isn’t the worse, like I’m not blind as a bat without glasses, I only need them for concentration – so when I’m looking at the board in lectures and on the computer etc. as they just make everything more crisp. Despite the fact that I don’t need to wear them all the time, I’ve been loving them so much that I’ve been wearing them even when I don’t need to. I love how large and oversized they are because tiny frames really wouldn’t suit my face and being black retains the classic element of the glasses.

My Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch is definitely one of those pieces that I always go back to. It’s perfect for those days when I don’t want a huge bag, but just need a few necessities as I just chuck it under my arm and go about my day. Due to the classic monogram, it’s classic and I’ve yet to find an outfit that it doesn’t go well with!

On the trainer front, the Nike Presto Trainers have been my absolute go-to trainers for well over a month now. I love how comfortable they are and it’s like walking on clouds! Being black, they go with everything and anything and I’ve been wearing them to run errands and to work. They are so easy to just whack on with a pair of skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt.




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