For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved high heels. I love the way they can improve your posture and make you stand tall and I don’t know about you, but high heels make me feel a lot more put together as they can make your outfit feel a lot more complete. Heels are such a versatile piece as they can be worn on a multitude of different occasions, whether it’s to work, a party, a wedding, to dinner or even to the shops – whatever floats your boat! Despite there being so many different types and variations of heels available, there are a few that are absolute staples and should be in any woman’s high heel selection.


The court heels are an absolute classic, that whether you wore them yesterday or plan of wearing them in fifteen years, will always been on trend and will cease to look out of place in your wardrobe. I have the ASOS Pixi Point Courts, which maintain the classic elements of the classic court, yet have a different modern twist due to the pixi cut of the shoe. Whenever I think of classic court heels, I always think of Emma Willis as it’s like her signature shoe!


The barely there heeled sandal is one that is very much on trend at the moment with a load of different variations stemming from the classic sandal, to the perplex heel etc. My latest acquisition of the barely there shoe are my Primark Heels, which are in a stunning deep, cobalt blue. Something I like about barely there sandals is that they’re a nice hybrid of a high heel and a sandal and there are different heel thickness' for more or less comfort.


Everyone needs a pop of colour in their high heel collection. They’re perfect for those occasions when your outfit consists of a very neutral, all black or all white as they put a twist on it and just make the outfit a bit more fun. My absolute favourite as my Zara Scallop Cobalt Heels which are not only stunning on, but they’re also a lot more comfortable than you’d think. I’m very much that person who gravitates towards black, white and neutrals, but this makes incorporating colour easier.


 PVC is another style of high heels that are very well loved at the moment. With the likes of Sophia Webster, Christian Louboutin and of course Gianvito Rossi who are renowned for their plexi courts, I can’t see this trend going away anytime soon! I have my high-street picks, which are my Zara Asymmetrical Heels. They’re great for a night out and perfect if you’re someone who wants to have a bit of toe cleavage (yes, that’s a thing) without having all their toes, out and about on display!


When I think of shoes for spring and summer, I always think ‘wedges!’ I have a couple pairs of wedges my favourite are my Next wedges, which are more on the colourful side – mixing canvas, tan and lime green. I love how these look with white, whether it’s a pair of white jeans and a top or a nice dress. Wedges are the most comfortable pair of heels in my opinion – they don’t sink into the ground if you’re on grass and in general, they’re a lot easier to walk in.

What are your favourite types of high heels?

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