When it comes to spring and summer, I like to go lighter on the makeup front – therefore lighter on coverage, density and in general, the amount of products I use for an everyday look. I recently found out about Niod – one of the brands under Deciem in one of Tia Ward's videos..  I’m absolutely obsessed with highlighters and one of the latest acquisitions to my stash is the Niod Photography Fluid – a light subtle liquid highlighter.

A liquid highlighter isn’t something that’s new to my makeup bag, but this one from Niod is a very much-welcomed new addition. When using this, you don’t need a lot of product as a little goes a long way. Despite being relatively buildable, it remains very subtle – perfect for the natural, no makeup – makeup or barely there makeup days! 
There are various ways that you can use the Photography Fluid – on top of or mixed into your moisturiser, for an all over glow, mixed into your foundation/base for a more dewy look or on top of your foundation/base on the key points of your face (cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone etc). My favourite way to use this is to apply it to the key points of my face on days when I want a very minimal makeup look and I like to mix it into my moisturiser on days when my skin looks a bit sallow and lacklustre.

Something very distinctive about this product (and all of Deciem’s products) is the packaging. It really brings me back to school being in science as it has a pipette applicator to disperse the product and it comes in a lovely brown bottle with a white label which makes it feel really clinical, as if it’s just come straight out of the lab! Although it does have a pipette, I don't like to apply it straight to my face, I've found that a less messier way is to apply it to a brush or the back of my hand and either apply it with my finger, a brush of beauty blender.

There are two shades of the Photography Fluid available – opacity 12% which is a white iridescent shade and opacity 8% which is a more warm bronze shade. The Photography Fluid retails for £20 for 30ml. For reference, opacity 12% is a lot more easily accessible and is available in places such as Urban Outfitters and Escentual, whilst opacity 8% is slightly harder; I picked mine up from Effortless Skin. One thing to note – It is similar to the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (review), so if you have one, you don’t really need the other.

Have you tried anything from Niod or Deciem?


  1. This stuff sounds fab! I think a liquid highlighter would be perfect to pull out for summer's hot weather, so I'll definitely be checking it out soon :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge