A couple months back, I purchased a beautiful marble tray from John Lewis. It was marketed as a bathroom accessory, however I purchased it to put my go-to everyday jewellery pieces on. In the past I’ve gone back and forth, going through periods of time when I would wear jewellery all the time and then not at all. A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to get back in to wearing jewellery on a more frequent basis as I find that it really completes any outfit. To encourage and help me to accessorize more, I decided that having my go-to pieces on display would make it easier for me to quickly pop on my jewellery whilst I’m getting ready. I’m somewhat a creature of habit regarding the pieces that I wear as I stick to what I love!

When it comes to pieces I wear on my wrist, I don’t tend to inundate my wrist with lots of jewellery. On an everyday basis, I only wear two pieces – a watch and a bracelet. The watch that I’ve been obsessed with over the past few months is my silver/gold Casio watch. It’s very simple and minimalistic and it’s a nice petite size. I love how well it goes with the second piece, which is my Nomination Italy bracelet, which is also silver with gold accents on it. I think that the link detail on both pieces also help them to coincide really well together. Similar to wrist wear, I don’t have a lot of go-to necklaces that I’d wear regularly day to day. The only necklace I’ve been reaching for is my signature Tiffany&Co. necklace. Again, it’s small and dainty and isn’t gaudy or in your face to wear daily, whether you’re going to the shops, university or work etc. There are some days when you feel like you need a little something to tie your look together and it could be something as little as a lovely necklace. For rings, I’m currently sporting two from Pandora, the first is the Vintage Elegance ring which is lovely for the ring finger and the second is the Hearts of Pandora Ring, which I have found to be perfect on my index finger and minimal enough to sport everyday! Earrings are the department that I have a tendency to dabble in the most. I have a couple pairs of simple studs, one pair is from Claire’s and the other pair is from Outfit. I alternate between these on a daily basis as they’re just easy and simple to pop on as they go so well for a variety of different occasions, albeit university, or spontaneous drinks at a bar/pub. The other two pairs are slightly more statement-esque but are too, very similar. The first pair is some ‘through’ pearl studs, which are double ended. The other pair that is of a similar style is from Aldo. These are slightly more blingy, but perfect for a night out. The front is a dark cubic zirconia and the back is a lovely ivory shade!

What are your favourite everyday pieces?

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