Another week, another vlog. I’m actually really enjoying this vlogging sitch’, and if it wasn’t for how uneventful and repetitive my life was, I would vlog on a daily basis. My vlogs don't really have any rhyme or reason at the moment as I'm not doing a great deal except trying to finalise a few things, but hold on tight as my summer vlogs should be a lot more interesting! In this vlog, you can come and run errands with me, involving a little food shop, blogging, a post office stop and a much-needed car wash. I talk about Frosties cereal, my nose, dodge vipers and touch upon the huge scar on my leg. Over the past few months, I feel like I've really mastered the art of running errands and getting stuff done properly and efficiently and here are some tips!


1. Write a list – Therefore you can prioritize your tasks, know exactly what needs to be done and feel accomplished when you tick them off your list.

2. Do it by yourself – I don’t know about you, but it always takes me twice as long getting things done when I’m with friends.

3. Turn the TV off – Or YouTube video. Instead listen to music or the radio so you don’t get tempted to sit down and watch something for hours.

4. Reward yourself – Once I had a lot of uni work to do and I didn’t think I was going to complete it, but I did and I bought myself a Filofax!

5. Stop Procrastinating – This is probably the hardest thing, but once you overcome it, you can literally do anything.