No matter how many clothes I seem to purchase, there always appears to be gaps that need to be filled or items that I would like to replace. In light of this, I had a little rummage through my wardrobe and drawers and I finally have a concise list of items that I need to buy to complete my capsule wardrobe. My style is very simple and basic, which I like as it keeps it classic and timeless. I like pieces that go with pretty much everything, yet still leaves me a little room to deviate and experiment with items outside of my comfort zone!


Leather jackets are an all year round classic and I honestly believe that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe. I actually already own a leather jacket, but it's not your typical leather jacket as it doesn't have a collar which somewhat restricts that I can wear it with, so having a leather jacket that sits well with a nice collar is next up. Another jacket that my wardrobe needs is a classic denim jacket. Again this is something that I actually already have in my wardrobe, but having had it for a few years, I'm not longer a fan of the wash of denim that it is. I'm really into a mid wash oversized denim jacket.

Onto actual tops, I need more frilly tops and blouses. There's something treat feels very spring-y about a nice blouse. They can be worn with a pair of jeans and a blazer or even a skirt. Also on the top front I love oversized shirts. They add a more casual touch to a typically formal piece of attire. 


I have literally been wearing like 3 pairs of jeans on rotation. I am in dyer need of a new pair of jeans that fit me well without going baggy after two wears. My wardrobe really needs a few new additions in the denim department. I'm so particular with the wash and fit of denim - I like a mid wash denim, that fits well around my waist, has a nice skin tight fit, with a bit of stretch for comfort, that hugs my ankles at the same time. I've been quite loyal to Newlook jeans, but I think it's time to venture back into Topshop jeans. 


There is one dress in particular that I feel like I'm missing from my wardrobe and that's a simple white shirt dress. There are so many ways that you can style a classic shirt dress, whether it's pairing it with a colourful crossbody bag, a pair of metallic sandals, wedges for a nice spring/summer evening or converses for an everyday outfit. 


You can never have too many shoes (although my mum begs to differ) and there's always a gap in the shoedrobe. I'm currently obsessed with beige trainers at the moment and two that I've been eyeing up are the Nike Presto and Old Skool Vans, which are already two styles of trainers that I own and love. I think beige is just a nice alternative to black or white, yet still has a neutral element. In keeping with the Old Skool Vans, the suede pink Vans are definitely missing within my shoe collection for a muted pop of colour. The final pair of trainers, that aren't necessarily creating a void in my shoe collection, but I kind of just want are the Nike Flyknit Racers.

Gucci loafers are very much on trend at the moment although I'm not prepared to spend a few hundred pounds on a pair of shoes that I may not end up liking in the next few months (I'd rather buy a bag). Ego Official have the best Gucci dupes I've seen so far, and I think a pair of loafers would look great with a nice oversized shirt and skinny jeans. Another pair of marmite shoe is mules. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of simple mules that I can just wear with absolutely everything. 


There are a couple styles of bags that would really help fill some gaps within my bags, the first being a cross body bag. I find it so difficult to find the perfect bag that is big enough to fit my necessities, but at the same time has a long enough strap to sit at the part of my body that I like. The other type of bag that I'm still on the hunt for is a medium sized slouchy bag that I can use on a daily basis, that will fit my iPad mini and vlogging camera etc. without being a huge bag that just weighs me down.  Finally on the accessories front is a pair of aviator sunglasses. These are one of my favourite styles of sunglasses, yet again, I find it really difficult finding ones that are in proportion to my face. 

Are there any gaps in your wardrobe/closet?!

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