Nowadays, I tend to watch YouTube, probably more than I do, TV. I could literally spend hours upon hours just watching endless amounts of videos. I feel like I’ve done a complete 360 when it comes to the content I watch on YouTube. When I first started watching YouTube all those years ago, I only really watched music videos, which then led to comedy such as Marcus Butler and then I must’ve watched a collaboration he did with Zoella and then of course Zoe filmed videos with Louise (A.K.A SprinkleOfGlitter), which then got me into beauty videos. I’m now somewhat back to where I started and I’m back to watching comedy videos and I’m currently obsessed with lifestyle vlogs!

Jack MaynardI’ve only recently discovered Jack’s channel, but if you watch my vlogs, you’ll know that I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Like most people, I really like his challenges and sibling videos. I also love watching his vlogs on his second channel, Jack Maynard Vlogs to the point where I was even watching his vlogmas videos...in May.

Mikey Pearce | I found Mikey's YouTube channel, through some of Jack's videos. Mikey is just really funny, particularly when he has to do a food forfeit or challenge. 

Sofa Sundays | This is one of my current favourite channels on YouTube at the moment. Although it’s primarily about football, I still find it hugely entertaining – and I’m subconsciously learning more about football whilst I watch them. Their challenges and forfeits are just so funny and I could honestly watch them for hours. I may or may not have re-watched a fair few of their videos too as they never fail to make me laugh!

William Singe | I don't tend to continuously listen to many independent artists on YouTube to the point where I'd subscribe to their channel, however William's remixes and mashups are a little more upbeat and he really put's his spin on it!

BK ChatLondon | BK Chat is a somewhat web-series where there are two panels, one consisting of girls and the other of boys and each week they discuss and to some extent debate on a question. It's become quite a diverse platform, which is made up of people from different backgrounds and religions etc., and it's really interesting to see the difference of opinions.

Nella Rose | Nella's channel is quite similar to BK Chat, in the sense that she films with a group of her friends at university in Leicester and they answer questions and discuss different topics. Again, it's nice to see different mindsets and being a girl, I like to know how boys in my age group feel and react towards different things. I imagine it's also nice for boys to know what girls some girls think about particular issues too.

Louise Pentland | I'm sure this lady is most probably already in your subscription box, but if she isn't, subscribe now! I've really been enjoying both her main channel, Sprinkle of Glitter and her second channel Sprinkle ofChatter. I love how she's made her main channel less child-based and more adult-y. In regards to Louise's second channel, I've really been enjoying her vlogs and part of her moving process!

BroganTateXO | I absolutely adore Brogan's weekly vlogs. I find Brogan so raw and therefore relatable and that's personally what I look for in a good vlog. I'm aware there's a fine line between being uncut and sharing too much, but I think that Brogan really balances it out and shows some of her down days and it's nice knowing that if someone else has come out the other end, that I can too. When Brogan was balancing three jobs - two of which she didn't particularly see as a career path, but rather a stopgap, it really pushed me to go to my job (at the time) which I couldn't stand.

EmmasRectangle | This is actually a new channel to my subscription box. I mainly watch Emma’s videos for her different and creative makeup tutorials, however I also love watching her vlogs too, as she seems so nice and down to earth!

ForeignSimmer | About five years ago, I was literally so obsessed with playing Sims. I love being able to make lots of families and stuff, but in doing so, I ended up putting my actual life on hold (probably sounds more dramatic than it is). Anyway, as I don’t have much time to actually play Sims myself, I like to watch Foreign Simmer as she already has storylines and scenarios set out, as well as amazing homes and outfits filled with lots of custom content, so I get the enjoyment of Sims without spending hours and hours actually playing it myself.

The Real | The most recent TV show that I have added to my subscription list is The Real, which is a US talk show starring Adrienne Houghton, Tamera Housley, Loni Love and Jeanie Mai. Unfortunately, this show isn’t available in the UK, so watching a few clips on YouTube is the only way that I get to enjoy parts of the show!

Loose Women | I’ve actually been watching Loose Women for quite a while now, I used to think it was aimed at middle-aged women, but having watched it, it’s not. I’m 19 and I love it! They tend to discuss current topics, politics, family life and sex etc. but in an easy and lighthearted manner. I subscribe to the Loose Women channel, as I don’t always get the chance to watch the entire show.

WendyWilliams | I tend to only watch the Wendy Williams Show for Hot Topics, which is where you find out what's going on in celeb culture. For the most part, I don't really care about what's going on in celebrities' lives, but 20 minutes of hot topics in the morning are one of my guilty pleasures!

What are your favourite YouTube channels?

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