Earlier on this summer, my mum and I took a well-deserved holiday to one of Spain’s largest canary island’s, Tenerife. I started a new job about six weeks before working full time – something that I’d never done before and was just exhausted so I really wanted to have some downtime and just chill. I had no intention of getting up to too much or doing anything other than lounging by the pool, so we did pretty well considering that was my one and only goal! This was my first time visiting Tenerife, so I definitely haven’t seen or done it all – I really want to go on a helicopter ride if I ever go back as it looks so bloody cool! In true city guide fashion – I discuss things to do, places to eat and of course, where to shop!

Have you been to Tenerife? What are some of your favourite places?    

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  1. Charlotte! This post is truly stunning! So well set out and really shows the time and effort you put into your blog! When I next go to Tenerife I will be using this as my guide!