FeelUnique have created a new initiative called ‘Powdered by FeelUnique’ that “underscores commitment to innovation, quality and value…[and] every product included in these special edits has been hand selected in-house and given the Powered by FeelUnique stamp of approval. I don't know about you, but there has been so many times that my beauty bits get lost amongst the contents of my handbag. No matter how small my bag is or how well I try and keep it structured and organised, I always seem to find myself digging looking for an urgently needed hair cream or lip balm. Despite these pouches being nice and compact, there is still a considerable amount of room left to fill with any other bit’s personal to you, although having said that, there’s pretty much everything you could possibly need beauty-wise in this carefully curated pouch.


Palmers Lip Balm
Nuxe Hand & Nail Cream
Powered Compact Mirror
Hair Brush
Popband Hairbands
Powered Nail File
Bobby Pins

The other kit that’s apart of the Beauty on the Go is the Travel Essentials kit which contains everything that’s needed to make your travels that little bit easier, regardless of whether you’re going half way across the world, on a two hour flight or even on a long train journey into Gare Du Nord, Paris. I think these beauty on the go kits are perfect to throw into your handbag. They’re so small and dainty that they’ll fit in a majority of handbag sizes and rather than you having to delve deep into the bottom of your handbag to find a much needed bobby pin, all you’ll have to do it look for your pouch because you’ll know it’ll be in there. These kits have a RRP of £15 and for what you’re getting, including a couple branded products is pretty bloody good. P.S. These are exclusively available from FeelUnique!

What do you think of these beauty on the go kits?!

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