When it comes to my evening routine, I’m pretty short with it, only carrying out the three main (and in my opinion, the most important) steps with regards to skincare. Most of the time, I’ve come back from a long day at work or out doing things, and the last thing I want to do is spend ages putting countless products on my face. The three steps that my evening routine consists of are cleanse, tone and moisturise. I used to carry out a strenuous evening skincare routine, however realistically, when you come in at stupid o’clock in at night/early hours of the morning, carrying out a tiresome routine after a tiresome day is just not going to happen.

S H O P   T H E   R O U T I N E

If I’ve had a full face of makeup on, I usually go in with one of the Nivea Micellar Wipes as this gets rid of the majority of my makeup. I’ve tried many makeup wipes in the past and these are one of the gentlest makeup wipes that also don’t take forever and a day to remove my makeup. There is a stigma in the beauty community when it comes to using makeup wipes to remove makeup, but I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, if you properly cleanse your skin afterwards. I have currently been alternating between a few facial cleansers – my absolute default and go-to cleanser is The Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser. It’s a nice gentle cleanser and I love how it lathes up on the skin. The seaweed element really helps to wake me up in the mornings and make my skin feel refreshed. The other cleanser I’ve been using is the *Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, another really nice cleanser which works well at cleansing my skin and removing the impurities from my makeup and just pollution in general.

On the topic of toner, over the past few months, I have really enjoyed using the Pixi Glow Tonic. It has glycolic acid in it and having used it for well over a month now, I can see the difference it has had in brightening my skin, in particular my neck, which has always been darker than my face. I using this toner as it really prepares my skin for the next step in my skincare routine, whether it’s my morning or evening routine.

Although I have somewhat dehydrated skin, when I’m having a good skin day, then I like to use a really light moisturiser. Recently I have been opting for the L’Oreal Hydra Genius, which is a hydrating gel cream with a light consistency and in all honesty, this product really reminds me of the Clinique Moisture Surge, which is an old favourite of mine. When my skin needs all the moisture and hydration it can get, my beloved E45 cream is my absolute go-to. It’s one of the most hydrating products and it works well for a multitude of skincare problems.

What are your favourite skincare products?

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