When it comes to beauty, I’ve really rediscovered a few old favourites! I love rediscovering products as not only do you remember an amazing find, but also it’s also quite nostalgic in bringing you back to a particular time. My style favourites aren’t too exciting, however they are absolute staples within my closet/collection. With regards to my life, the last few days of August have been pretty good, I’ve started my much-needed week off work and I finally got the tattoo that I’ve wanted for the past four/five years and I love it! It’s weird to think that in a few weeks, I’ll be back to the nitty gritty grind of university. I feel like I’ve had so much time off for summer that going to university is like a distant memory, but I’m looking forward to the change in my routine.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve gone for a lighter and more natural makeup look. Rather than highlight and contouring, I finally fave strobing a go and much to my surprise, I’ve loved it! I’ve been using the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in the shade 10, which works as a beautiful bronze highlighter. It’s not too intense which makes it suitable for natural makeup looks as it looks like you’re actually glowing rather than looking like you’ve popped a nice highlighter on. It lasts nicely on the skin and I apply it to the key points of my face that would naturally hit the light – the cheekbones, nose and centre of my forehead.

Pixi is a beauty brand that I have truly began to love over the past year and a half and their products never seem to disappoint me. This month I decided to give my Vichy Dermablend Powder a break and try the *Pixi Quick Fix Powder and I think it’s now rivaling my tried and true Vichy powder. The Pixi powder is a really lightweight translucent powder that doesn’t make my skin look ashy or dry, but nicely sets my under eye concealer and my foundation so that it doesn’t settle into my smile lines. I love how small and compact it is as it makes it easy to pop I your bag to keep on the go!

I have loved using a Beauty Sponge from Primark to apply and blend in my foundation and concealer. I’ve found that it gives it a more natural finish to my base. Unlike a few other’s that I’ve tried, it’s such a soft sponge that I don’t find absorbs loads of product, in addition to being a really affordable beauty sponge.

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is an old goodie of mine that I recently repurchased. When I first tried it a few years ago, I loved the coverage that it had as a concealer, however I didn’t like how it creased on me even when I set it. I’ve recently been using this to conceal around my eyebrows to help shape them. Despite being creamy concealer in a pan, it applies nicely to the skin and blends out really well. This shade is only one shade lighter than my skintone so helps to lift the brows by brightening them when it’s applied to shape the bottom of my brows.

S H O P   T H E   E D I T


Over the past few months, I’ve only really been wearing my Nike Presto trainers, however over August, I recently went back to one of my absolute favourite styles of trainers of all times. The Old Skool Vans are such classics and there have been a couple of pairs that I’ve been obsessed with. The first is the classic black/white old skool. Although mine are looking a little bit worst for wear (and I definitely need a fresh new pair) they still look pretty cool and ‘lived in’. The other pair is the premium black suede with the white sole, which is a slightly sleeker take on the classic old skool. They’re both so easy to wear and style with different types of outfits, albeit formal or casual.

Earlier this month, I purchased a few more pairs of Topshop jeans, as I’ve loved wearing them lately. I’ve been wearing my Grey Topshop Jamie Jeans at pretty much every opportunity I’ve had. I’m usually quite skeptical when it comes to ripped jeans as the rips don’t tend to sit in the correct place, however these grey ripped Jamie jeans not only bit me well – being tight, whilst still having a bit of stretch to them, but the rips on the right knee don’t lower down as I wear them.

The bag that has become my go-to everyday bag is the LongChamp Le Pliage in blueberry. Although it’s not a classic black or navy, the hint of purple with the navy still retains the wearability of the bag. The medium size is deceivingly big and you can fit so much in it which makes it the perfect bag to use for work, particularly if I need to carry lots of things like a laptop etc. I wear a lot of black on a day-to-day basis, so having a subtle incorporation of colour changes up my usual ‘fit.

What have you been loving lately?


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